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What is the power of Analytics in Mobile App Development?

With every marketing intuitive technique, every marketer and businessman is looking forward to measuring the application performance. This makes it possible to think that how you are able to do the further marketing for the Mobile App Development UAE. It confirms that the strategy is a right choice for the app or no? And also help income to know whether the app confirms the ROI (return on investment). With this, the marketers are able to make the future plan to improve the app performance.

There are some of the organizations and the businesses that consider the app a separate entity from the marketing activities. It is really strange for many of the marketers and the readers but it is true. Such companies are focused on tracking the promotions and the other advertising activities for online but when it comes to the app they do not do any of the promotions and leave everything to the luck. The Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE are familiar with the online promotions and will do the best marketing to promote the app and make it popular among the targeted audience.

The reliable companies after building app upload it to the store and efficiently advertise it online to make it eminent.

Every Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai are interested in knowing the audience who are downloading the app, how often they are using after downloading and what are the most things they prefer to buy or do in-app? These all measurements and information change the beginning of the application in the industry and make it more reliable in the competitors. The iOS and Android platforms of the application are now including the console of the developers and used to look at the performance on the board more deeply with the performance.

The App Developers Dubai has to look upon the following mention metrics to develop the app.

User of app

The professional and as well as Freelance App Developers Dubai need to segment the number of the daily or monthly users of the developed app on Android or iOS platforms. It is really important to get the knowledge of the users to make it more usable and reliable among the audience. This also helps to get know that which of the platform among the both are having the more users and which are among them have a low number of the app users. This also makes you notify to update the app when you come to notice that the number of the users is falling every day.

User engagement

The user engagement and the time they are staying on the developed app is also really important and make the app successful. Here you are able to find that which acts in the application I able to engage the users and what are the services and the products they are buying more as compare to other. This makes you focus on the much important things about the app developed by the Mobile App Development Dubai companies. Keep in mind that app will not take much time to load and is not be tough to understand; this makes the users irritating and will force them to left instantly. For the apps, it is imperative for the customers or users to stay longer.

Time of user stay

The time the users are able to stay on the app and are engaging over the month or a year is really important to come to know about the presentation of the app. Check it out that the user engagement of the app is increasing or decreasing? If it is decreasing, you need to pay attention and make it according to the requirements of the app so that they will not leave it so frequently. You are also able to calculate the app revenue over a period of time to make changes.

Track new user for application

Track the key and the reason behind why the users are downloading the application in their Smartphone helps you to focus on the main goal. It is one of the best points of the advertisement campaigns. With it, the marketers are able to spotlight the strength of the app and will eliminate all the weaknesses. The Mobile App Design Dubai also makes the reason to attract the attention of the users and make it popular among the people.

Test the app impacts

The testing of the impact of the application includes the number of the people that return back to the app after the first engagement time. With the testing, the Android App Development Dubai team is able to check the changes and updates of the app impacts on the behavior like the engagement and the usability.


The analytics of the mobile applications are broken into many subcategories like the location and gender to influence that how it reacts in the market and how to advertise the mobile app in the future. Measure the entire parameters make the work of the marketers easier. These all measurements is used to increases the usability of the app and as well as the user engagement. If you are not able to get all right make a contact with InLogic UAE. We have the skill and specialized app developers, designers and marketer teams for the valuable customers. We are active and are delivering our best services at affordable rates.