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What Is Woo Commerce and Why It Is Popular?

WooCommerce is a platform you can use to make a website for your online selling business and it lets you sell anything. It is most popular among websites which sell physical products, like t-shirts, furniture or anything. You’re already familiar with these types of stores like amazon. But you can also use it to sell digital products, like making reservations and booking appointments etc. There are many web design Dubai companies which offer this approach. In Logic IT solutions in one of them. You can hire them to make your online business boom. There are many reasons why WooCommerce is so popular, stated below:

It is FREE: Yes, you heard it right WooCommerce is free, including underlying WordPress software. It is open source. Anyone can go in and modify the code which is of huge ease.

It is User Friendly: WooCommerce is a regular user-friendly website. You don’t need to be an expert developer to launch a store, you can do It on your own.

You can Customize Easily: WooCommerce is also extensible. You can use “plugins”, you can add all kinds of new functionality to your store without the need for any technical knowledge later. It works on all devices. People tend to shop on smartphones, and WooCommerce is for them. It lets you change the looks how you want it to. There are many “themes”, you can choose exactly how your store looks.

There are many ways for website design Dubai experience. You get many options to play with.