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Why Are You Posting Too Much On Social Media?

No one wants to be spammed through any method of the interaction by the company but it goes double for the social media platform. Make sure like the Social Media Optimization Expert Dubai you are not sharing a lot of content across on the social media as done on blogs or email marketing.

There are a number of various factors that are known by the SMO Expert Dubai very well. These factors play a vital role in the following in content.

  • Make the content effective
  • Length of the posts
  • What are the values and the quality of content is providing
  • And which platforms are posting to

The audience that is targeting by the posting of the content may be dramatically changed with the often posting procedure on the social media platforms. The Social Network Management Agency Dubai is practicing and knows the importance of the often posting of the contents. By social publishing will help in engaging the targeted audience but not overwhelm them from the post.


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The following are the three questions that are going to help out in the success of the social media publishing strategy just like the Social Media Management Dubai companies.

Are you sharing the quality content on Social Media?

Quality in the content is always better than the quantity of the postings. Like the Social Network Management Services UAE providers, only post the content that the targeted audience wants to read it and looking for. Avoid that posts that are not providing the value and the required information to the audience of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Make sure that the content that is posted on the social media should be published mindlessly. You have to do it for the sake that your audience will able to find their relevant data. Share the content to the relevant to the audience and the time. Provide the quality content, fun facts, and industry news to give your audience what they are looking forward. Share all the things with the point of view that are able to grab the attention of the people.

People who are following you on the social media platform do that for the reason. The SMM Expert Dubai is working passionately to deliver the best to their followers. Do not provide the reason to the audience to leave the page of your company. Provide the valuable and new content to the audience. If you are posting the content every hour does not mean at all that the content is worthwhile.

Are you posting for promoting your own content?

It is true that the people who are following you on the social media get the recent and latest updates of the company. The Social Network Management Dubai is posting the content on the daily basis to make the audience engage and make them alert from the services.

Social media as the name tells that it is all about to be social. That means that you are going to connect to the audience of the same-minded individuals. This like-minded are good in the social media and develops the relationship and identify the people that are in the industry. According to the 70/20/10 rule, the business social media post are divided into following three categories.

  • Provide the value to audience
  • Share the valuable and unique content with other companies and individuals
  • Promote your business

This rule shows that the content shared by the SMM Expert UAE is only 10 percent used for the self-promotional content. The Facebook is a platform that able to boost the posts among the interested audience to rank in the newsfeed of the people. When people come to post they like, comment and share on your business page. Facebook examines the popularity of the posted content and it wills definitely going to assist in the future posts to seen by the more and more interested people.

Make sure that the social media platform should act as the useful resource for the targeted audience. It is the useful place for the users to get educated and engaged without putting your services on the people.

Are you losing followers and fans?

The content shared by you may decrease the interest and the followers of the page may decrease. The valuable content is really important to make the audience engage. The Social Media Management Services Dubai is focusing on delivering the valuable content. The followers feel that the content share on the page is irrelevant and did not get any value from them they leave instantly without stick around.

If you continuously examine that you are losing the followers in a huge number, then it means you may have to evaluate the social media strategy of your company. The relevant posts to the targeted audience keep and build their interests or the concerns. Before coming to conclusion it is good practice to sit with the team and make the points that who are the followers and what are they want to look on the specific social media platform.

If you start posting the relevant data and the engaging content on the social media, you come to know you are getting the higher retention and get the numerous more followers. The useful post without your company name makes it share and get popular on social media.

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What are the best practices to publish a post on social media?

The social media platforms are allowing their users to post the content as much as they want. The length of the post always varies because it depends upon the social media platforms and the audience you are targeted. Following are the three basic and most popular platforms for the business.



Facebook is the first choice of the Social Media Marketing Dubai providers. They know that the Facebook page should be entertaining that have the capability of grabbing the attention of the audience. Provide them the reason to stay and come again and again to view the page.

Do something that forces the visitors to stop their newsfeed and click the link to read the valuable content. Add interesting photos and videos to stop the audience and make them click on the link. The videos and the images play their important role on the social media channel like the Facebook.

Keep in mind that the right time postings are well and engage the audience more. From the research, it is come to know that the most of the posted contents on the Facebook get a good number of engaging audiences on Thursday and Friday. And the least number of audience engagements is on Wednesday. This research may vary according to the audience and the business services and products you are delivering.



It is the best news ticker platform and there are thousands of tweets done on every second. So if you are using the twitter make sure that you are posting frequently to engage the people. If you only post one a day it will be lost in the 500 million tweets that are done daily.

To start Twitter makes sure make the frequent publishing. The posts with the 120 to 130 characters are capable of getting the highest clicks. Use the images and the GIFs in the post make the people engage. While posting on Twitter use the Hashtags because it makes the post accessible for those who are interested in the view.



According to research, it comes to know that there 80% of the marketers use LinkedIn for the professional’s purposes as compared to Twitter or Facebook. It is the best and proved to be the goldmine for B2B marketing. Share the valuable content on this social platform establish professional leadership in the market industry.

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