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Why is Instagram the most powerful Social Media Marketing Tool in 2017?

Instagram is placed where you are going to meet the people of the same interest. The audience with the same activities and concentration meet up in a single platform called Instagram. If you are wasting your precious time o the other social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter then switch to Instagram to get instant responses from the targeted audience. It is a genius Social Media Management Dubai platform. In the limited time period, Instagram beat the number of users per month of Twitter. In 2015, Instagram became famous and the coolest thing in the marketing audience and still now holds its thrones.

The updates of the application make it more user-friendly day by day. The new icons that are introduced are loved and liked by the audience. It also allows business accounts just like delivered by Facebook. Now by using this valuable application, the Social Media Optimization Expert Dubai promotes its business among its targeted audience.

With the help of it now it is easy to get popular among the people and follow the pages that are according to your interest can be followed. As the owner of the Instagram page, you are permissible to post new sale rates, promotional offers on special occasions and introduce new products.


What is Instagram for business?

If the person has existed personal account on Instagram can be converted into a business account easily. In the business account on Instagram and button is added to the pages which are about contact. This button helps out the followers to communicate and accesses your phone number, physical address or the email ID of the business. In the page, you can also use the map directions to assist the followers to your business hub.

The Social Network Management Agency Dubai is using Instagram for advertising the new products and the offers with great opportunities for the new business among the targeted audience. The main reason for using Instagram is to reach the audience who are fresh and can be interested in the selling services and the products. As like Facebook Instagram also allow the users to hyper-focused marketing by using the logical and valuable hashtagging. By using the hashtags you can target the specific audience for the products. They are used to draw and grab the attention of the followers and as well as the potential Instagram followers.

By using it in a wonderful manner, you get amazed by the regular feed. If the followers will not notice the button they fail to make the difference between their sponsor’s post and a regular feed. SMO Expert Dubai is using this great way for promoting its valuable brand stories among its followers.

What is Instagram’s take on Facebook Live?

On the competition, Facebook introduces a new feature in the app and that is a live video streaming for the short term. The Social Network Management Dubai companies know that Facebook will bring the 1500 advertisers are reached per day but Instagram is able to whop the reach of the targeted audience to 11,000. If you having the account for the business point of view mean that you are having the ability to gain the 20 new followers each day on social media.

Instagram provides its users with an extremely easy social media platform to connect with the like-minded audience. The more you reach to the people of the same interest means you are indirectly growing your business. While posting the new post on Instagram make sure that you are selecting the related picture with the minimum 10 hashtags that completely suit the image and product you are delivering. The Social Media Marketing Dubai strategy is perfect and get likes from the no followers instead of getting from regular followers.

Now Instagram is updated and added boomer and live video streaming option. These new features make the application more dynamic. It is now able to host one-minute videos harnesses. On videos, you can also use the different filters and sounds with the thumbnails. If you are using Facebook, for you, it is easy can convert into Instagram. Repost all the old videos of Facebook by using the new hashtags to get likes and traffic to your business page.

Does Instagram say to newly updated Whatsapp status?

Instagram is offering its valuable users to evolved and create stunning pictures and videos that are used to highlight the special products, services or memories from the campaigns. Now WhatsApp introduces the new feature in the app that is Whatsapp status. This feature is linked with Instagram and you can also limit the viewers to see them. It is shown for only 24 hours and will automatically disappear like the snap chat. The only disadvantage is that the followers and the users are not able to reply or comment on your story. The Social Network Management Services Dubai are using Instagram for business enhancement and making their targeted audience aware of them.

Fun and work in using Instagram by SMM Expert Dubai

One of the best features that are on Instagram is to edit and draw. This feature is used by the professional SMM Expert UAE to draw their own uploaded content to develop the follower’s interest. They unleash their creativity and make it possible to increase the traffic. This type of features is great and also makes the companies deal with art proficiency.



When you are using Instagram the finding and searching for the desired niche is difficult. It is easy to use and you can also tag people in the post just like Facebook. So if you are succeeded in finding the few people who are interested in your post, make them tag and share your stories and posts with them. Once they are able to like or even comment under the post means their followers are able to view the post and can directly access the business profile.

On Instagram, you are to be active and stay visible. While making the name make sure it is related to the services and the products of your brand. The name of the company matters and plays a vital role in stellar platforms.