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The Advancement and Benefits of A Laundry Management System

Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems are widely used in asset management globally. They are smart, efficient, and very easy to use. Textile and linen rental and processing industries have modernized over the years and are adopting more technologically advanced solutions for their business management. The adoption of RFID systems in the textile sector is the new solution for their asset management. It is used by textile companies to manage their inventory, hotel, and laundry management to secure their linen as an asset. The hospitality industry including spas, hotels, and resorts had to spend so much on their linen because it is a sign of quality for them. The manual labor it took to sort and load the laundry was not only time-consuming but costly too. The RFID systems help these industries in maintaining their quality and achieve customer satisfaction.

Technological advancement helped this industry so much in this regard. They have started using hanging barcodes and then QR codes to sort the laundry but with the expansion of technology, they gradually shifted to radio frequency identification systems. The RFID system not only helped the hospitality industry but it changed the way industrial laundry is done at a large level. The system is present during the collection, disinfection, washing, sorting, and distribution of linen. It’s a detailed process in which RFID tags that contain relevant information are installed in the fabric and scanned to start the process. The system automatically tracks and manages laundry items for you. The process starts by electronically reading the RFID tags that are attached to the cloth and allows them to be automatically identified, counted, and tracked. The laundry tags are the most important part of this whole system and they should be chosen very critically.


Features of a Reliable RFID laundry Tag


The RFID tags are not ordinary tags, they are especially designed for surviving many rounds of laundry and heat from the ironing. The best laundry tag should include an outer casing of soft rubber so it cannot be damaged during the washing and ironing procedure. They should be durable enough to survive more than 180 laundry cycles and almost 60 bars of pressure. Tags should also be waterproof and able to be read within several meter radius. The size can vary between 1.5 to 3 inches. You can get RFID tags in multiple shapes, frequencies and data storage depending upon your company’s need.

There are countless benefits of RFID systems in laundry management from which some of the major ones are listed below.


When you do things manually there is a high chance of mistakes also the amount of staff needed to separate and hand count the industrial laundry and then deliver cannot work in synchronization all the time. But the automated system is specially designed to perform these tasks so there is almost no chance of an error. RFID systems are mostly error-free and they are reliable for long-term work which immensely helps the industry. It is a much more efficient system than the barcode or distinction by relying on the human eye.

Time and Money Saving

Manual counting and sorting are tiresome and monotonous work. It not only takes a lot of time but it’s prone to errors and extra load on staff, RFID readers eradicate these common difficulties with high precision to help save labor charges. With the help of science and automated systems, you can save not only money but plenty of time. The ability to account for and identify the item will reduce the company’s chances of making losses.

Loss Prevention

When every item in your laundry service is categorized and scanned the chance of it going missing is very low. So Mislaying of an item can be eliminated through RFID systems as all the laundry movements are registered. And if by chance anything is misplaced then It is very easy to identify any omitted linens from its place with no time as it can be tracked. The system also eliminates billing errors by reconciling linen inventory counts by an automated process.

Quality Management

When each piece of linen is equipped with an RFID laundry tag the reader will recognize the information in the tag attached to it. Then it will know what type of linen and where it needs to be sent. Usage and aging of uniforms and linens are monitored to maintain quality standards and this can forecast purchases for the company. The system keeps linen rotation on track to keep quality and freshness intact. The system can know the number of times each linen is cleaned so when the number of cleaning is close to the critical value, the system will tell it to the concerned authority. This will help in maintaining the quality of your service and also helps in using an item to its full potential.

Inventory management

RFID tags can help in managing inventory faster and more accurately. They give each piece of linen a unique identification number which supports group reading. Staff can count the inventory through the RFID reader to know the linen inventory. Also, if the linen is lost, you can know the type of linen lost through the information stored in the tag and can track it down. This information will help a manager to use the inventory to its maximum capacity without having to worry about stock in and out problems.

Data Analysis

The RFID laundry management system can generate a variety of analysis reports. There is an ease of handling queries and printing relevant information at any time. It is very helpful in improving the management level of the laundry room. Rental textile, linen, or apparel get the chance to learn about each of their customers because of the RFID tags which are attached to rented items. These tags help document information like the rent date, previous rental, and duration of the rental. When the company has this data they can understand the history of the item, its popularity as well as their customer preferences. It is critical for customer research and satisfaction and this leads to ultimately having more customers and an expanded business.

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