1. Apply for Service

On the sidebar menu, click Apply For Service and a drop-down menu for the services will be shown. Click Accreditation and a pop-up will appear. Also, you can view all the services from Dashboard and choose the necessary from there.  The pop-up will show all the companies showing their trade license and a radio button on the side. Choose the company and click Ok.

2. Application Details

After choosing the company, the user will then be redirected to the Application Details screen. Under this, user will see the step by step process for the application. Once the user verifies all the details, he can now click on Next.

3. Scope of Application

User will then have to fill out the fields to specify the scope/s of application. He needs to identify the field of application, the product, implemented standards and the countries where the certificates are to be issued. By clicking add button, the scope will be shown below the form and user may opt to add more scopes and click Next once finished.


4. Key / Personal

On Key / Personnel Screen, user will have to input all the details regarding to the key personnel/staffs for the application. User may opt to add as many as necessary personnel and will be required to attach/upload the CV for each. Once finished, user can now proceed to the next step by clicking Next.


5. Attachments

On Attachment screen, User will be asked to upload all related files to the application. User may opt to upload multiple files at once. After verifying the files uploaded, user may now click on Next button to proceed.



6. Service Fees

Under Service Fees, user can view the total amount to be paid for the application. User may opt to view the particulars that made up the total cost by clicking the arrow down at the right corner of the service fees’ column to expand it. After verifying the details, User can now click on Next to proceed.


7. Terms & Conditions

After the fees, User will then be redirected to the application’s terms and conditions. User should verify all the terms and conditions and then check the tick box that comes after the statements to confirm agreement. Once done, user will be asked to rate the application experience through the Application Happiness Meter and Application Star Rating. Finally, upon verifying all the details, User can now proceed to submit the application. After submission, a pop up will appear confirming that the application is submitted successfully. Also, User may opt to save the application as draft by clicking on Save as Draft. He can continue the application anytime he wishes to by finding the application in Dashboard.

8. Submitted Dashboard

Under Dashboard, User will be able to view the status of his application. He has the option to pay, submit, edit/modify or delete the application.


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