E-Commerce Marketplace Software is Perfect Partner for your Business

You can manage your business more actively and manage numerous orders at the same time. It will capture a larger audience and get to know more about buying trends because of direct communication. By using our services you can streamline your business and be aware of market demands and intuitive products. It is important to take your business to new heights with proper planning and execution of your e-commerce platform.

We had a lot of experience in designing and creating e-commerce websites and mobile applications and we will be happy to use our experience to create your platform. Some of the features we offer are listed here for further reference.

Aesthetically Pleasing and User-friendly

We take pride in our designs and will make your e-commerce marketplaces esthetically pleasing and user-friendly. It is essential for user engagement that the platform they are using looks worthy of their time. We have plenty of experience and can make it even better for you so book a consultation for your idea of an online marketplace today.

Search by Category or Store
Our already created e-commerce projects include many interesting features such as allowing users to search by category and you can add as many categories as you want. Users can search by store too and It will help customers to filter out exactly what they want from the variety of products available.

Easy and Smooth

At inlogic, we make sure that the user will get a premium experience and all options are easy and smooth. This will ensure that customers can find things they want easily. The platform doesn’t have any lag and works perfectly.

Deals and Promo Codes

We made it easier for you to add deals and promo codes that can be activated with just one click. The bill is calculated and the promo code is applied automatically. You just need to add the promo. Everything is automatic and taken care of.

Store Credits

For the convenience of the user, the option where store credits are transferred to the user’s account is added. It is simple and easy to use credits in an account to be used in the next order the option is present there while billing.

Location-Based Data


We added a smart search where the nearest stores pop up in the upper section of the feed so that it is simple and serene for your customers to find things they need in no time. It is also convenient for the stores to have a pool of customers nearby.

Inventory Management

We also offer inventory management options so that asset management is easy for business owners. This is a huge deal for businesses because they will save a hefty amount by not managing their inventory. We provide safe and reliable solutions.

Delivery Management System

Our delivery management system is another innovative feature in which we also offer rider tracking information service and scheduled delivery options. It is super beneficial for your online delivery options to have a properly managed system in hand. The riders can communicate and get updates on their phones and an admin can monitor their performances because all the data can be analyzed very easily.

User Information

We make sure that the user experience while using our products is trouble-free and smooth. In the account information section customers can also add multiple addresses and select while checking out on which address they wanted goods to deliver. This will save the time it takes to add the address every time they shop.

Why choose us?

We have years of experience in this field and are aware of all the ups and downs of the market so you can get a lot of insights into your business. We have a highly skilled and qualified team that will be at your service throughout the project and will help you set up for your success. It is evident that people now prefer online shopping over going out in person and they are more inclined toward things they see on the internet. So, we will help you build a strong online presence so that your business will look interesting and innovative to the buyer. Our designs are worth a look so we will be using our skill and your product to create a perfectly balanced environment to shop. Online marketplaces are essential for businesses because

● They are an additional source of generating revenue
● They cut the marketing costs for you.
● They give time and multiple choices to the customers.
● They are transparent in terms of pricing, availability, and stock levels.
● They allow your business to open 24/7.
● They generate a relationship based on trust between a customer and the business.
● They can give businesses a hefty financial gain with their ability to cater to larger audiences.

We will make a product that will be user-friendly and can handle heavy traffic at the same time. Inlogic believes in exceptional customer satisfaction that is why we don’t only work on a product to attract new customers but we make sure to treat the existing ones with a positive experience that leaves them with an urge of coming back. We offer scalability in a platform which is crucial to providing a good experience for customers.

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