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Content Management System

Event Management

Inlogic’s Event Management System covers every step of the event lifecycle from event marketing to registration up to the event’s reports. It automates the whole process making it easier and more convenient to all key characters associated to your events.

Event Agenda

The CMS lets you publish the event schedule and divide them into sessions. With the CMS’ easy to configure and ready-made forms, Inlogic’s Event Management System lets you focus on making your event the best it can be.

Event Speakers

Creating an exclusive registration page for your reputable speakers is just a few clicks away. Admin can also add the speakers himself through the CMS.

Event Exhibitors

Keep your exhibitors updated with all your events. The CMS lets you create a registration page dedicated for your exhibitors and let them apply for all the events you are holding and will be holding anytime soon!

Event Sponsors

Manage the packages’ prices and inclusions for your sponsors and create an exclusive registration page for them.

Event Registration

Create a seamless registration process for your attendees with our Online Registration Tool. Also, the CMS lets Admin to register attendees himself with ease and convenience. Adding multiple attendees? No problem at all! Thanks to the CMS’ capability to import files for mass registration.

Registration Approval

Admin can filter all events registrants (attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors) letting him approve or reject registrations.

Smart Attendance Confirmation & Badge Printing

On the date of the event, participants could just show the QR/Barcode and the system will fetch their details to print the badge and automatically marks them as confirmed attendees

Event Website

Interactive Landing Page

Build a strong web presence for your events with the built-in event website builder. We combined a robust website creation platform with integrated event management software to help planners create modern event websites with ease.

Online Registration

Create a seamless event registration process with our online registration tool. Deliver a perfect registration experience and increase repeat event attendance. Our Registration platform is the most secure, easy-to-use, and highly customizable platform powering events of all sizes.

Event Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors & Exhibitors

Manage events like never before. Inlogic’s Event Management System reflects the event agenda and its timeline, your speakers, sponsors and exhibitors’ profiles which you added through the CMS. Enrich the event’s details and attract more visitors!

Event Countdown

The system comes with an automated countdown timer designed to tease and update attendees before the day of the event.

Event Mobile Application

Native Mobile Application

A responsive mobile application that is accessible using all modern day’s devices and available on both iOS and Android Platform. It enables an event planner to keep their attendees informed at all times.

Another Medium for Registration

The app is built to display all the events that user may opt to participate into.

Google Maps Integrated

The app is integrated with Google Locations Services for users’ easy navigation in finding the event venue.

More Than Just an App

A platform that unifies the content you deliver to your audience – from desktop to tablet/smartphone and back again – allowing you to engage audiences before, during, and after your event.

Our Clients

Client Reviews

Muhammad Salman – IT Coordinator

Industry: Management Consulting

“Great Event Management Software”

I started using InLogic Event Management System about 6 months ago and it has been a wonderful experience. The onboarding was seamless. Our needs are different than their typical client, but our onboarding specialist really helped us to navigate how to best use the system for our specific requirements. New events are super intuitive and easy to create – it’s very simple to use. I saved hours and hours of work compared to how we used to use events. In addition, the email features allow us to simply send to different groups of people with a click of the button, something that was less simple in our previous platform. I could go on and on about how much this platform has helped us. I highly recommend InLogic Event Management System. They are the best priced and offer incredible functionality. They are incredibly thorough in the on-boarding and follow-up plus give amazing support along the way.

Marcus – Technical Support Engineer

Industry: Education Management

“Best Events Platform I Have Found”

As we organize a series of different events throughout the year, we needed an event management system that would be able to accommodate the needs of basic and complex events (multi-day, multi-location, multi-workshop, etc,). InLogic Event Management System offers the right balance between – a lot of handy functionalities and price. It’s not only a user-friendly software with a good-looking interface, the team listens to your needs and will offer you great service too. Event creation, registrations and check-in have never been so easy. I would say that InLogic Event Management System is a wonderful event management tool that is great for complex event planning. It can help you manage many of the processes to make your event run smoothly while providing you with data to measure overall performance.

Meagan – Business Development Manager

Industry: Apparel & Fashion

“Highly Recommend for Event Management”

It is a software specialized in the planning of events in a simple way, it allows to add the events a great number of people being perfect for the majority of the companies, it is possible to modify anything that is needed of the events in a simple way without many problems, it has an excellent interface very modern that makes the work is simple. I recommend InLogic Event Management System for companies looking for a pure event management software. It has allowed me to work more efficiently, incorporating all the work team to have clear goals to work according to them and establishing the priorities of each area with their respective managers, which has allowed me to innovate within my organization in event management.

Ahmed Raza – Marketing Manager

Industry: Financial Services

“Perfect Event Software to Create Quality Events”

InLogic Event Management System is a perfect solution for event management in an organized way and the best thing is that it is easy, allows to add a lot of people to the different events which is perfect for companies, I think ideal for the area of marketing because it allows you to create these wonderful events in a very simple and quality, has a modern interface that makes the work even easier. It is widely recommended to all those companies looking for a best event management software to make their events, is suitable for a varied number of companies and perfect to organize in an orderly manner all those events you can imagine, is highly recommended by our event management team and the best thing is that you do not need to be a professional to use it.

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