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InLogic IT Solutions is pleasured to be the part of one of the world greatest partners EESL RFID which is introduced by the ESMA with EESL program. This valuable and useful program initiates at 23rd of July 2017 for the most of the Electrical products and is announces in their official website
InLogic RFID Solutions Dubai is the most effective and the passionate vendor in UAE. The company is present to deal with all the certain situation and are good in solving them. We provide the best RFID Solution in Dubai and that is the reason we succeeded in getting the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) trust.
Now you are able to get the services of Dubai RFID Solutions Provider for your issues. The team is always active and are working hard to make their visitors of RFID comfortable. We are quick and good in responding to the users request accurately by processing it according to the rules of the ESMA. We are available 24/7. The InLogic RFID Solution Dubai is the good source for the businessman to expand their business and manage their financial and investment issues professionally.

GOOD NEWS: InLogic Will Pay the VAT (Value Added Tax) For Their RFIDÂ Customers!


InLogic is Most Reliable Vendor of RFID Tracking Software & System in Dubai

There are many companies who are searching for the RFID Solutions Provider in the Middle East but now you do not have to worry much because Inlogic IT is here to help you out. The company is authorized by the ESMA because of their work and their potential. They listen to the visitor’s issues that are sent by them for the ESMA to get the solution.

The Asset Tracking Solution of the ESMA is available in the franchise in UAE and you are able to get the best solution for your problems. The visitors just have to contact the InLogic IT Solution LLC. for their issues and get the excellent solution for that. Make sure that you are there and follow the steps that are described below to guide the right path.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an innovative technology that is gradually being used in business and industry. We are RFID company in Dubai, who provide Expert RFID Software & System for Retail, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Banking, Military, Aviation in Middle East.

The Inlogic IT offers the Expert RFID Solution Provider Dubai to the valuable and reliable customers. We provide the professional and the excellent solution to them. The team that is involved in this procedure are familiar with their duties and are good in performing and execution. The ESMA has the approval to be the franchise to supply the RFID services in the United Arab Emirates. You are allowed to send the request online by using the few simple steps mentioned below:

  • From ESMA’s Portal place the request for the EESL.
  • You can make the payments online for the ESMA and you can get the valuable details of EESL.
  • Fill the required fields of the given form.
  • Once you complete the whole process. The RFID can be delivered or you can also collect it from our office.
  • Read our Terms and Condition.

InLogic FRID Solutions

1. RFID Warehouse Management System

For service and product-oriented companies, warehouse management solution is considered core operation. The managing and handling the flow of the accurate precise inventory data is seriously a tough and costly challenge for the industry. The company faces it with error-prone, manual-based process, and cumbersome that leads excess of the inventory, higher cost of operations and the inefficient usage of storage space.

InLogic RFID Warehouse Management System makes it possible for the valuable clients to automate their manual-based processes. In a single mouse click, you have the complete visibility and control of the products from the purchasing and shipping of the items to delivery to the desired spot.

A warehouse system suits all kind of the market companies across the world including manufacturing, distribution, logistic service, automotive and wholesale are few of them.

From the inventory control of the products, shipping of them and receiving the fulfillment of the order, the WMS is vital and responsible f proving the warehouse operations of the company efficient. InLogic UAE offers the excellent WMS software package to the companies with the customized feature to fit according to their own requirements and size of the company. When the companies combine the WMS system with mobile computers, wireless network, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology it will be going to help in extending the enterprise to online mobile workers. The system also plays the great role in increasing the operational efficiencies of the company and enhancing the customer services.

2. RFID Jewelry Management System

InLogic Jewelry Management System is an accurate RFID based inventory management solution for the diamond and jewelry industry. It is the perfect RFID solution that helps in tracking the inventory through the scanning. It makes sure about the instant stock update and helps in increasing the staff productivity of the industry. With the help of the automated system, now jewelers are able to focus on the business core instead of looking for the jewelry.

3. RFID Fixed Asset Management System

InLogic UAE provides the excellent RFID one-stop-shop solutions that help you in tracking, tracing and managing the assets at ease. We provide the economical solutions that help you out and your company to manage and trace all the valuable assets including the office equipment, computers, furniture or any other precious items by simply assigning the unique ID number to them. It prevents the valuable asters from losing and missing from its place and also save a lot of times that may be spent in searching them when needed. Adopted the RFID data capture technology or bar-code system to get support in label printing, scanner and handheld terminal for carrying the assets anywhere to read and capture the data.

The fixed asset so the companies are important parts of the company’s investment because it involves the tracking of the cost. If the company loses a table or chair may not matter for them but accumulated fixed to do. If the company losses some assets it would cause big cost and also lose time to find the fixed asset in its place.

In large companies where a large number of employees is appointed and is having the thousand of fixed assets, it is really a difficult and close to impossible task to count, reviewing the enumeration results and also searching the missing or extra material becomes the distressing effort for the valuable employees. The RFID / Barcode tracking system is used and designed for saving the time of the staff from these long efforts. In the company, each fixed asset is assigned the unique inventory code and the product serial number to make it different from other. The enumeration of the products would go to take hours for reading these attached bar-codes labels. You are able to differentiate the fixed assets seen and the enumeration by looking at the comparison screen. The information stored in the computers depends on the RAM amount and as well as the monitor size. The RFID Fixed Asset Management System reduces a lot of efforts of the employees by entering the unlimited amount of the property related to every asset.

4. RFID Retail & Apparel Management System

InLogic Retail & Apparel Management System is customizable and complete retail inventory management software. It is designed and develops to improve the tracking of the products and the inventories of the companies within the warehouse, stores, and Distribution centers by using the latest trendy UHF RFID technology. The system allows the clients to significantly enhance and improve the tracking, visibility, security and as well as utilization of the company’s inventory. It helps the companies to know each and every point about the inventories from when they move and how they reach the desired destination and also gain the control with the streamline the operation. RFID management system can be successfully integrated with the clients, IT infrastructure, and the existing business applications to provide the current and comprehensive information of the products related to the status, location and the conditions.

5. RFID Document and Library Management System

InLogic LMS is an RFID Document and File Management Solution for the librarian for managing and locating the items more precisely and quickly no matter where it is placed in the office. The information of the items is readily accessible by the clients and all the workflow process gets streamlined.

The resulting efficiency of the library increases in addition to the productivity by using RFID Technology. It allows the personnel to utilize the precious time in searching more effective ways. The clients get a full advantage and benefit when it asset’s records are well managed.

6. RFID Healthcare Tracking System

InLogic RFID Healthcare Tracking System Dubai provides the clients a unique identification of the instruments. These have the ability to meets the FDA UDI (Unique Device Identification) requirements to help in civilizing the operational efficiency and safety of patient for every step and procedure. It helps in saving the huge cost for the healthcare institutions while the increase in the operational revenue. RFID technology also assists CSSD departments by following each and every tagged instrument in real time. it provides the accurate electronic record of the status, tracks and the performance of the technician and also ensures the proper sterilization of all operational instruments.

7. RFID Laundry Management System

InLogic RFID Laundry Management System designed by the company manages all the uniforms of the clients throughout their life. This process is used for purchasing, daily use of the fully discard. The RFID system knows exactly that what inventory is in uniform; locate the garment and also who is the responsible for it. The system read all the data from the tags that are attached to the uniforms and which is continuously updating the status of the garment used.

8. RFID Live Stock Tracking System

InLogic LST System offers the client a complete and customizable tracking software solution. The system is designed to improve the tracking of the critical assets and the inventory of the company by using the latest and unique UHF RFID technology. It allows the companies to improve the security, visibility and the utilization of the physical assets. When you know the time, and movement of the company’s assets, it helps you to gain more control of the streamline operations. The InLogic Livestock Tracking System can be integrated with the existing business applications and the IT infrastructure of the clients to provide the current and comprehensive information related to the location, condition and the status of the tagged assets. By using the RFID technology, assets search, Audits and additions will effectively remove the manual audits of the asset tracking. The annual system takes a lot of time and the substantial workforce. The system also eliminated the challenging phase of the bar-code tracking system.


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