Are you looking for Artificial Intelligence Services in UAE?

Today AI is implementing in all the departments to enhance the applications. It pushes many enterprises and the industries to look for the best AI solutions to improve the productivity. InLogic IT Solution is offering the trusted Artificial Intelligence services that includes the quality AI infrastructure and at any scale. We use modern tools to modernize your business, maximum productivity in addition to simplify processes.

We have an expert professional team on the AI software and to analyze the requirements of customers. It helps to process them efficiently and come up with great product that customer business needs. Our company domain expertise with AI software is listed below in detail.

1. AI for Healthcare Industry

Our AI system is designed to help the doctor in faster diagnosis. Our AI software has several modules that lend a helping hand to recognize in a responsive and faster manner than what human are capable of. It’s perfect for performing multiple task including scheduling of appointments, preparing bill copies and suggest the patients virtual health.

2. AI system for Business

Our team at Inlogic IT Solutions are skilled in designing and developing a robotic process for repetitive task normally performed by employees. The team integrates the CRM platform with AI to provide the customers with better service. AI is the best solution for all businesses in the market for generating the right campaign for the brand and attaining the desired results.

3. AI for Finance management

Our team at Inlogic IT Solutions are skilled in developing AI system module for management of finance department. It can capture and analyze data to give the perfect prediction and recommendation on financial data.

4. AI for E-commerce

We have professionals of I system applications that are good in generating the reports in real-time scenarios for the business. We also help to provide the text and other recognition services on customer demands to them.

5. AI system for communication management

Our team have developed and successfully implemented AI applications that can generate reports in real time scenarios for the business along with handling customer interactions on a day to day basis.


Our AI Services Include


Machine Learning:

Our expert team allows your company with machine learning technology that can understand complicated data, recognize models and identify trends.


Natural Language Processing:

We apply this technology so that devices are able to learn what people express, communicate, and catch relevant activities based on it.


Chatbot Development:

It is a newly added channel to stay nearer to clients. We support companies in developing chatbot that operate in connection to the web page and mobile apps in a position to present the excellent user experience.


Cognitive Service Management:

We develop upgraded service management, which allowed by digital computerization, AI, and machine learning that encourages a new set of activity, productivity, and performance.


Deep Learning:

It helps to provide huge ROI in a deep way, but the expertise needed is completely important. Our expert developers can help your business with the integration of deep learning in a smooth way.


Predictive Analytics:

Our Services support you to predict business requirements or sales investigation and get to know the consumer performance. We develop and optimize device mode and improve sales operation performance.

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