How To Make Usability Of Web Design Dubai Strong?

The website development for any business is the first priority and the interaction center point to communicate with valuable customers. It is the good to increase and improve the online visibility of the business. It provides the clients the option to take an action on. The web design and the content of the business developed by the Dubai Web Design Company create most prolific ways to enhance the sales and the profit of the business owners.

Sometimes the professional web designers fail to realize the importance of the designing features and winning of the user experience.  The design of the website is such a thing that is liked by the audience and they stay on the site for the longer period of time. The Web Design Agency Dubai follows the following points to improve the usability in any design of the website according to the customer’s perspective.

Take a look at the few following important points of Web Design Dubai.

  • The website users of the normal website spend almost the 2.6 seconds in exploring and scanning a website before focus and went to the central section of the site.
  • The user spends around the 180 milliseconds on focusing the particular feature or section before moving ahead.
  • There are only 1-2 seconds to grab the attention of the visitors from headlines
  • If a user fails to find the desired information and relevant to their search then the site will easily be lost 50% of its sales.

Have a look on the significant and important elements that must not be ignored by the designers of skilled Web Designing Companies in Dubai while creating the website design to target online audience.  This information is brought to you to help out in making the online business successful and great.

Use attractive eye-catchy Info

The content of the website has a good weight and with the help of content the website may become successful or faces lose. Use the unique and attractive content in the website design so that users are able to find what they are looking for in few clicks.

From total 100%, the visitors of the website are going to spend 80 % of their time upon the heading present on the top of the page fold. The specialized Web Development Company in Dubai knows the importance of the unique and appealing content so that have the special team for that. The content writers work with the designers and provide them authentic and beautiful structure lines to engage the targeted audience.

From the total time of the site, the users consume the 69% of their time in exploring and viewing the other services and the features present on the left side of the site web page.

Fast load time of web page

It is proved in the Web Design UAE field that the websites with the great time and fastest load time of approximately in first 10 seconds are mostly liked by the visitors. Such websites have the most number of visitors and have the less bounce rate which affects the ranking of the social media.

There is the great ratio of the visitors that tend to click on the posted video on the website page that stalls during the loading of the website. There are 4/5 web visitors which do the same.

The maximum loading time of the website should not be greater than the 250 milliseconds. If it is so that means that the people who come to your site and have to wait for long will immediately going to leave the website and prefers the competitors.  So try to decrease the load time of the website so that users are able to get engage and find the relevant information and product they are looking forward.

The size of search box

In the website design, the size of the search box defined by the Web Design Company in Dubai should be average. It is used to find something and navigate the service, product or the desired information by writing on it.  The size of the box of the search should be average that can have the maximum 18 characters.

If the designers are skilled they know the importance of the extension of the search box size to the 27 characters. This size will help the visitors and make them to 90 percent of the visitors’ queries.  This is good to make them relaxed and make them find what they want to search.

Web page layout of site

Web Development Dubai designs the website layout that is good to optimize for the web page layout. The length of the page is 1000 to 16000 pixels and the 770 pixels of width. This is the ideal website page size for the website.

The web page layout of the site should be designed uninformed by the professional teams working in an organization. It is good to change all the visuals and the content of the website for all pages.  Keep in mind while designing the website that keeps the navigation menu of the entire website same.

If you really want to increase the ranking of the designed and developed website of yours then it is good to omit and eliminate all the dead ends and the orphan’s pages of the site. These are the one of the serious cause of increasing the user bounce rate for the website.

Links used in web pages

The links are mostly used in all the websites designs undoubtedly. The universally known color for the links is defined blue. So when you want to use the links option in the design prefer the blue color for better usability.

But as a mouse hover when you click on the link, it will change the color. This is because the users of the valuable company come to know that the text that is available in a different color is defining the link.  There is more than 73 percent of the website that is using the different shades of the colors for the clicked and the non-clicked links of the site that are used by the business owners for various purposes.


Usability of the website is really important and is not a thing that is taken as a granted. It is a very important feature of the website designs.  Use all the above mention points to create the accurate and successful website design. These will surely go to perform for the online business.