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2017 Website Development Trends by Web Design & Development Companies Dubai

As we know that the technology and the techniques of Computer industry are changing frequently with the time. That means the web developers Dubai of the industry should work hard to know the new techniques and the need of the customers. They only do this by keeping themselves updated and vital.

Sometimes the web design and development companies in Dubai get confuses and discern after observing that there are many updates are available in the market. It is progressing every week and day. As the starting of the year 2017, we try here to inform and gather some of the information for you. It helps you in providing the excellent web design Dubai services in upcoming trends.

These are the advice for all web design agency Dubai to focus on. We also discuss the new frameworks and the new technologies plus the tools that are going to use in 2017 to enhance the UX and make your website design agency in UAE recognized among the customers.

Here are the trends of 2017 to develop the trendy websites.

1. Using of Artificial Intelligence

AI is introduced in the IT department for many years and is enhancing every decade. It is proudly being using the Wikipedia and Google successfully. It is software that is developed for the customers. It helps the users to use it and it thinks and reacts like the human beings. This reduced the requiring and need of the manpower.

It is frequently using on many websites and is liked by the audience in a huge number. These mostly are known as the Molly.

2. Evolution of JavaScript

There are a lot of the computer languages that are using in developing the software products. And that is one of the reasons that many web developers learn different languages to increase the skill. There are many web design companies in Dubai who hire the person according to their need and the language they are focusing.

If you are not familiar that which language will go to suit you in 2017, then I recommend JavaScript. There is a great buzz in the language because full stack developer’s technologies are far away.

3. Internet

The Internet is expanding and makes their place in everywhere even in the home appliances. It is working smartly and makes their space in a beautiful way. The e-commerce website development Dubai services also using in a smart way in the increase of productivity.

With the passage of time, the demand of the internet is increasing with time. There are many things and the techniques involve in making up the customers reach to their desired point through the internet. The Mobile Application is one of the best examples of the Internet Usage on smart phones.

All home appliances like the security, heating system, light timers, kettle setting and much more are controlled remotely with the help of the internet enhanced technology. It really takes the world in another phase.

4. Static Site

The creation of the websites becomes easy with the static site generator. In this technique, you won’t need the database. It keeps the websites simple. Files and web pages in the static site will run on the servers of the software. That helps in reducing the pressure and the loss of the loading time in a good way. The website loading time become lesser and becomes the reason of better handling of the site.

5. Bots

Variety of website development agency Dubai is adopting the procedure of Bots. They are interested in many of the standpoints and in the use cases while developing the website. It takes the experience of the development easier and more personable.

As the year is the conversion e-commerce web design Dubai company, The messaging become popular and plays the influence on web development industry.

6. Conversational User Interface websites

In 2017, the web developers in Dubai are focusing and jumping on the user interface trends. The conversional website design is getting recognized and liked by many of the customers. It is increasingly getting popular in the market. The conversional-first approach wills definitely going to work in the year 2017.

7. Motion UI

The using of the newest version of the Motion User Interface works flexibly through the CSC patterns. It allows all the kind of the JavaScript libraries and is integrated successfully animations and the websites with each other.

The trend of two dimensional websites is boring and is out dated as well. That is one of the reason that the developers take the movements images in their design to make them more adorable and pleasing.

8. Angular JS

It is the updated framework of JavaScript that is newly introduces in 2016. It is updated and tweaked regularly to make it more famous. It is significant updating version comes in every six months. It is trendy and with the never ending abilities of the building Technology.

This framework is mostly being used by developing the applications because if it’s lasting video, animations and the non-static documents and much more.

9. Yarn Package Manager

It is a popular tool that is going to be used on the front-end JavaScript communities. They help the developer to make the websites easier. The popular package managers of the JavaScript are the Bower. It is good in providing the security and the consistency. This newer has the access to their Registries. We expect that the popularity of the yarn package manager will grow in 2017 as well.

10. Modular Design

There are a lot of the libraries that are used in the frameworks for both front and back. It ensures that the applications are entirely know with the each other in the applications. In 2017, there is the shortage of the libraries and the framework in the market. Some of the new libraries are the React.js, Laravel, Angular.js, RoR etc. These are frequently used and are trendy in using them. The web developers adopting the modular design and are trendy in using.