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2018 Mobile App Personalization Tips That Actually Works

People around the world have spoken volumes about AI already; the pros, cons, future, jobs and what not. So, isn’t it time we speak something more interesting?

What is App Personalization?

Personalization is defined as a means of meeting the customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier and, consequently, increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits.

AI, as we should know is designed to help humans work better, by generating the magic called insight. But how? By delving deep into the secret crevices of our mind! But still, how exactly?

Okay, for example, remember the web pages you visited, liked or the videos you watched there? You have left an imprint of your preferences and choices for the robots to feed on. Thus you created an online persona of yours better than what you know about yourself. Now comes the what portion.

These insights attune the bots to cherry pick videos, display food that you relish, show places you wish to visit or dresses you love to wear. These insights are the most important for a marketer whose cost per acquisition comes down drastically by serving the right products to the right people in the choicest of platters at the right time. Getting a hang of the game? So what has it become Personalization!

2018 Mobile App Personalization

Why on a mobile?

Mobile today accounts for 52.7% of global internet users and is expected to climb to 61.2% in 2018 (as per reports). We can safely say that the day is not far when it’s going to be only smartphones or tablets for browsing or maybe, a chip embedded in our skin and a screen on our palm.

Smartphones of today with the array of options it provides, including user location, personal details, voice, speech & touch recognition, and constant companionship, provides the best opportunity to personalize. These devices help in learning user behavioural patterns, and integrating AI into apps, making it even more relevant and adaptive. The idea of having a personal assistant to tackle chores is enticing everyone everywhere.

Last year, Gartner predicted that intelligent apps will be one of the top ten strategic trends for 2017. No wonder that more and more companies have been releasing their own chat bots (Kayak, Apartment Ocean etc) to deeply engage and retain customers.

So, why not use the mobile route right now?

How on a mobile?

Do you know that it’s AI that gets personalized on your mobile with Apple Siri, Google Assistance or Facebook Bots? And that AI and machine learning-driven apps have the capability to collect data even from point-of-sale machines?

There are two types of AI-powered applications today Chatbots and AI-powered mobile apps. An excellent example of AI-powered app is My Starbucks Barista, where you can voice search and place an order through the app. Amazon’s product recommendation is again AI or and chatbot is Taco Bell’s TacoBot. The world recently got talking about Amazon’s Alexa, a voice-controlled digital home assistant that controls various chores automatically. There are a lot more to talk about, but for space constraints.

Gartner also predicts 200 of the world’s largest companies to have chatbots by 2018. Forward-thinking businesses are keen and impatient to develop apps that redefine their personalized offerings and enhance businesses like never before. Transformers aren’t too far from reality? Let’s not worry you!

New Opportunity for Non-performing Apps?

We are definitely on the verge of yet another industrial revolution. The accessibility and improvement of AI and machine learning are triggering a ground-breaking change in the way businesses, developers; and thereafter, the users look at intelligent interactions within mobile apps.

The only question that constantly drives this growth is, how can firms innovate to take full advantage of his disruptive technology and aid in personalization? There is still a long way to go. But remember, it’s also time to decide your digital partner to redefine your digital strategy.

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