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4 Reasons Why Mobile App Is the Future of Retail Business

Gone are the days when smartphones were considered a luxury and so are traditional means of shopping. Statistics show that in the US, retail sales via smartphones grew by 101 percent in the first quarter of 2016. The role of today’s Mobile App Development Company Dubai is to transform the traditional shopping practices thus changing the mobile marketing model.

The mobile app is the future of not just e-commerce but retail as well. For customers to quickly find what they want, smartphone apps serve as an individual browsing and comparison tool in the palm of their hands. Because of its convenience, mobile shopping is gaining wider popularity. As a result, Mobile App Development Companies in UAE provide high-quality technology solution, and a better-managed project thus creating a cost-effective mobile app development process.

For a tech-savvy customer, e-commerce from a mobile device is a simple task. Smartphones are always in the user’s hand, for fast browsing and buying and shoppers do not have to stand in long queues. In a Facebook survey, 55% of omnichannel shoppers made a purchase using an app because they can do it anytime and anywhere on iOS or Android.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. On the fourth Friday of November, shoppers across Unites Sates take advantage of widespread bargains for Black Friday door buster deals. But recently in the US, Black Friday shopping is made easy with interactive applications. There are retail apps developed by mobile app developers that are ideal for comparing deals whether they are Black Friday deals, online deals or local deals.

Smartphones account for about 60 percent of all online traffic on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is no longer about one single day or week. But it is an opportunity to create an ongoing experience that can help to grow a retailer’s customer base and loyalty.

Mobile app developers can design an app that can help to maintain consistency, make visual connections, and make the design appealing to attract users. Similarly, Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai help their client grow their businesses with the most innovative apps using state-of-the-art technology.

The Wishlist, receiving alerts, advanced search for Black Friday deals are few customize features mobile app developers build – which are becoming increasingly popular as they create an instant impact on the mind of the users.

Black Friday has been a big deal in America for decades and it is the day when the US holiday shopping season really kicks off. Here are the top reasons how app developed by mobile app developers, is shaping the future of retail.

1. Mobile App is taking over e-commerce

According to a recent report, mobile commerce has grown to 30 percent of overall e-commerce and will continue to grow at an exponential rate. Mobile usage is growing faster than any of Google’s internal predictions and hence the above statement. The big attraction to use mobile for e-commerce is – it requires less time in transacting and transactions can be done at any time of the day.

Users spend hours in swiping through carefully curated images as retailers make various kinds of offers to promote their business. This is all because mobile app developers understand the needs of the target users and build custom apps that fulfill user expectations.

2. Consumers spending major time on Apps

The fast moving mobile e-Commerce technology provides a platform for this kind of innovation. Recent studies demonstrate that 90 percent of all consumer mobile usage is spent on apps. Retail apps are extremely user-friendly and convenient to use. Customers get access to adequate information about the business products or services easily.

In fact, a significant number of apps become popular as the mobile app developers make the app experience worthwhile and unforgettable. According to a study conducted, 63 percent of Americans prefers mobile applications because of the convenience it provides.

3. Mobile App experience more engaging

Design and UX are important aspects of a retail mobile app. Users enjoy using apps because each mobile application has its own unique characteristics, which generally follow industry standards. Reports show that most consumers will only give an app a chance once or two.

Designing feature-rich mobile apps by mobile app developers is becoming increasingly popular as it creates an instant impact on the mind of the first-time users. Apps are delivered in varied forms and concepts but few can make a difference. Mobile App Developers Dubai build custom apps creating an engaging customer experience thus increasing traffic.

4. Mobile App growth is exploding

Study shows that there is a steady shift from mobile web to mobile app-based purchasing, which indicates that apps are more popular and convenient. The number of mobile apps is exploding, driven by a huge increase in the number of mobile devices as people are using those apps all day long.

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to discover what is around them, retailers need to get smarter about how to use mobile to their advantage and meeting the needs of mobile-empowered shoppers. To ensure success, in the long run, it is highly essential for mobile app developers to build applications that have a differentiating factor.

Black Friday deals and promotions have really resonated with today’s tech-savvy customers resulting in some of the biggest weekends of online traffic and trading in a year. Creating successful and high-traffic apps is the ultimate goal of Mobile App Development Company Dubai, as they drive the market during the festival season.

There are several shoppers who still relish the in-store experience because they need to touch, see and try on the product in ways they can’t do online but their number is quite less. Mobile App Development Dubai of these retail apps helps consumers keep up with the latest market trends. In the near future, mobile retail will overtake traditional retail as the preferred shopping method for the average consumer.