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7 Reasons Why SEO Ranking Degrades Due to Website Design?

A website is actually consisting of multiple web pages which are connected with each other. The website is technically and professionally a basic need of every business. The business website is the online portfolio of the company and plays an essential role in the success or failure of the business. The website designers and the developers consider the website a project or just the collection of the code which is provided an attractive and appealing color theme or pattern. SEO in Dubai considers the design of the website a lot.

In SEO, the design of the website matters undoubtedly. It is really important for the Web Design Dubai Companies to design a website with the extraordinary and prominent factors. In SEO, the design itself is the main focus in the ranking.

Here is the list of the top web designing flaws that are degrading the ranking of the SEO. The professional SEO Agency Dubai avoids all the points to make the website visible and prominent in the search engines.

Websites are not Responsive

The website design developed by the Web Development Company in Dubai is accurate and according to the latest techniques and technology. Recently Google has announced the latest update known as Mobilegeddon. This update tells the Top SEO Companies in Dubai that the now onwards Google is going to give the priority to mobile-friendly sites.

If the developed website is not mobile-friendly, then it is good to edit or modify your existing business website. Make your site mobile-friendly website to make it rank high in search engines. The SEO Expert Dubai is familiar with the importance of the responsive design and this is the reason they preferred device-friendly sites.

404 Page Error Occurrences

Once the site will go live then for the designers there will not any kind of issue that will arrive according to their thinking. There are some of the reasons after the website becomes the life that some of the web pages of the website will be deleted in many cases.

The web pages that are deleted from the website will lead those pages to a 404-page error. According to the SEO UAE point of view, the 404-page error message put a really bad impression and impact on the website users. To check all the 404 errors of the website, use the Google Webmaster Tools. You can also eliminate them by removing and redirecting such web pages from the search engines.

Excess use of Flash

There are many web developers and designers who used the flash in an excess amount to make the website more attractive. The flash is basically used to create and develop the creative websites but according to the guidelines of Google, the excessive use of the flash on the website is harmful and dangerous in terms of the SEO rankings. The SEO Company UAE only uses the slash wherever it is important and doesn’t avoid the content quality and use it for it.

Unwanted and Annoying Pop-Ups

The pop-ups are the call to action in many of the website designs. There is a website which is having many pop-ups that are annoying and become an irritation for the visitors. These types of pop-ups on the website make the users deflect and force them to leave the website immediately. This action is considered bad in the Search Engine Optimization Dubai.

The user if close to the website without entering the site will going to increase the bounce rate of the website and also going to degrade the user experience. Pop-ups are sometimes important but the annoying and continuous popup will irritate the users so avoid to use pop-ups completely. Use them whenever they are appropriate.

Neglecting the Heading Tags

The visitors are not familiar with the difference of the website that is containing the heading tags and which is not using them.

For the SEO Services UAE, the use of the heading tags is important. The tags tell the search engines that whether the page of the site emphasized on that topic or not. According to the experts of the SEO, it is acknowledged that the tags of the heading on the website are required and considered. It is good to use the H1 to H6 tags on the website as per requirements.

Lack of Breadcrumbs in the Website

The breadcrumbs of the website are essential and show the flow and the order of the site navigation. It directs the visitors and gives information about the order of the current page. This is the user-friendly navigation of the developed business website.

In the absences of the Breadcrumbs from the website, it makes the navigation difficult for the visitors and they find annoying to move back or any other web page of the site. For the Digital Marketing Agency Dubai who are developing the e-commerce website, then for them, it is compulsory for them to add this trait to their developed website to make it successful.

Internal links are not present

The content that is going to use on the website should be unique, attractive and easy to understand or read. The content that is going to use should have interlinks because without them the content remains incomplete.

The links within the website to internal links make that site link web. This is the great procedure to make the website rank high and plus SEO Services Dubai also considers it the best practice and positive signal. So it is good for you that wherever you find the appropriate place in the site place the internal link for the internal pages.


All the above points are providing to help you out. If you are lacking any of them in designing the website, then it is good to investigate the professional and expert web designer Dubai so that they are going to correct the site design as soon as possible. The InLogic UAE is also experiencing companies that improve the website and make it rank high in Search Engines.