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Android App Development Dubai: How To Turn Your Idea into an App?

Have a brilliant idea for an app? But do not have the programming skills and you are wondering how can one get an honest Android App Developer in Dubai to make and market the idea? With smartphone making their territory in the world of technology, apps have become the center of focus. Apps allow users to navigate the Internet with the touch of a finger or play games on the go.

With the popularity of apps being at all-time high, there are chances that people come up with a brilliant idea for an app but become perplexed as to how it can be turned into a reality. We all have the capacity to turn our ideas into reality if we really want to. With the advent of various technologies and inventions, any new idea can be turned into profitable ventures or even mobile apps.

It’s predicted that by 2020, about 6.1 billion people will be using smartphones. There were 167.05 billion total app downloads, which is expected to increase to 253.91 billion downloads by 2017.

Many may assume that they need to be knowledgeable in coding or graphic design to turn their idea into a reality, but the truth is there are many paths that can be taken when it comes to producing apps. Not only do you need to assess whether you need to hire an Android App Developers Dubai, but you also need to ensure that the app is promoted the correct way.

Many enterprises are coming up with new ideas to make their presence feel. They either want to reach a new audience or better serve their loyal customers. However, enterprises are unaware of the process needed to turn a mobile app into reality. Due to lack of expertise and information, most of them don’t know how to go about shaping the app idea.

Every Android Application Development Company Dubai in the market aims to deliver a working app, giving you an edge by building the best Android application for your business. However, the biggest challenge is to find the right Android app developer who put complete efforts into understanding your requirements and developing the app accordingly.

Ways to turn your app idea into reality!

Below is a list of how you can turn your app idea into reality and be on your way to creating history or millions of dollars. It is a list that could be used across industries.

1 .Write Down Your Ideas

Those who work hard and are passionate about the idea can easily achieve success. Collaborating with your Android app developer in key areas is vital, as they will have more knowledge and would have built several apps already. Conceptualize your ideas by making some notes.

2. Research Your Market

A proper market research needs to be done to identify the competition, trends and market needs. One needs to ensure that there are no similar apps in the market. If there are, find out their ratings, reviews, feedbacks and what features are missing that can be added to your app. Add those features that which would make it unique and more attractive to the audience. This will not only be time-saving but will also let you explore more creative options by coming in contact with an array of skilled Android app developers.

3. Assess the Competition

Take a look at what is there that is similar to the app you have in mind. The important thing to remember is that, just because there might be something similar that does not mean that you should give up your idea. Download the app and try to find out what they do and what they don’t do? How your Android app developers could improve upon them? How highly are they rated?

4. Identify Your Audience

It is very important to identify who would use your app and who the audience would be for your product. Knowing your audience helps Android app developers in re-engineer your app and the features in it to cater to them.

5. What Developer Tools are Required

If you are developing a smartphone app, you might want to consider some non-native solutions that allow you to write apps for Android and other platforms at once. These tools allow you to write native and hybrid apps using HTML and JavaScript.

The tools create versions of the Android app for multiple platforms, which provide a great solution for some apps to get started quickly. Developing a custom app is all about good communication between you and your Android app developer.

6. Develop an App with the Help of Expert Android App Developer

When you have a sound knowledge of your app requirement and exactly know what your app wants to do, then it is easy to describe what you want from your Android app developer. Start looking for Android app developer who is proficient in building the kind of Android app you are interested in building. The app does not need to be finished in order to build and test.

You would be building your app several times after adding the content or after fixing issues of your app. The next step is to install your app developed by Android App Developers UAE, to see how it looks. Once developed it is time to test your app to your potential customers.

7. Identify the Monetization Strategy

If your app is nearing completion, then you need to start thinking about how you would like to monetize it. The most popular way to monetize free mobile apps is to include ads. The second way to monetize your app is by selling the Android app through the app store like the Google Play.

App marketing involves several factors and needs much effort to promote it. Therefore a good support system, feedback collection, rating, and reviews are something that needs to act upon immediately. You also need to ensure that the app is promoted in the correct way.

8. Patience is Virtue

Mobile businesses have made customers’ lives easy, but running a mobile business demands patience and passion. Some assume that by getting the app released means the hard work is over, but the reality is it’s just begun. To get a free download from users who are browsing, you will have to dedicate some time to the marketing of your app. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Take the time to appreciate the journey and understand how things work. Keep your head up and respect the process you will learn a lot about the threshold of risk and ability.



If you have ideas on mind, then don’t let technicalities hinder and get in the way. Turn them into projects and real apps by tapping into the existing technologies that make it easier to implement or collaborate with people. If you have a great idea, do everything you can to solidify it and then take a good Android app developer.

Overall there is no generic way of developing an app. Ensure that you have enough of a budget to see the picture through to the finish line. App development seems like a costly investment, but if handled the correct way can go to yield big results, but only with the right amount of hard work.

Right from the app idea creation to app development and its marketing involve the complex process and needs to focus on multiple aspects. Therefore an experienced Android App Development Company Dubai can provide you all as one stop solution. Mobile App Development Dubai, if carried out propery, can provide a great source of revenue to a business segment which provides better opportunities to consumer segments.


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