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Background: The main stage of web designing

The progress of Web Design Dubai in the last few years is remarkable. The essential design, clarity in structures and attractive or impressive visuals are the standards of the Dubai Web Design Company. The length of the text is low while it is demonstrated well by the help of visuals and graphics in the relevant site. The main interest of the users on a site is its background. Nowadays the background of Web design agency has gained prevalence and is the main focus for the users who access the site.

Previously, the background of the sites wasn’t of much importance and the main interest of the users was the content of the site related to the topic. The change in the status of background has been brought through the help of the minimalist or essential designing.

Now the background is the most prevalent and dominant element of the Web Designing Companies in Dubai.

Let’s have a detailed look at the different website backgrounds and the procedures of their designing. Hope you get beneficial information from this discussion.

Backgrounds with videos

As the time has changed and the HD videos have become a demand of the new world, backgrounds of the videos have also gained importance. Due to their eye capturing capability and attractive nature, they have become prevalent. The backgrounds don’t require text for their explanation so they are convenient to use. These benefits have also urged us to use background videos for Web Design Company Dubai. There was reported a 138% progress in the conversions of the food blogger after using videos as a background instead of images.


Following things should be kept in mind while using the background of the website:

  • The elements to be notified should be reflected clearly with the help of the background. The text message should be conveyed properly. The text color should be lighter for dark videos and darker for light videos. Videos with intense colors may distract the users from the other elements of the page.
  • Videos should have a no-go sound policy. Although many strategies are used to capture the interest of the user and sounds are also added by keeping this in view. Despite these efforts, sounds can still annoy the user as many users listen to music while searching the sites.
  • The compatibility of the browser with the topic if the video is also challenging task. Most of the videos will use a plug-in for their successful running in the browsers. The information regarding the requirement of a plug-in for video can be obtained through a great reference source i.e. This source provides an overview of all the video types.
  • Another aspect requiring attention is the resolution and size of the video. A video of 30 second and 1080p size requires 20 MB of the valuable server space. The use of larger files causes an increase in loading time which is very much annoying. So the purpose of designing the website would be destroyed as such a site would never attract the user. The best way to reduce the size of the file by the use of resolution under 720p is to low frame rate to 25 per second.

Backgrounds with animations

Backgrounds with animations are also becoming popular nowadays. The background can be either fully animated or static pages that contain few elements of animation. The elements of animation can be in the form of links or elements with aesthetic appeal for creating a dynamic design. When the user hovers above the link they show animations.

Web Design companies UAE use hover animations mostly. Hover animations are available in different forms of effects. GitHub provides an exceptional overview of these effects.

GIFs also provide examples of these animations. These animations are very beneficial as they are having a smaller size of the file and provide creative ideas. GIFs have become popular since last few years and their use has expanded. According to a report in The New York Times, almost 23 billion animated backgrounds posted on Tumblr are GIFs daily and 5 billion animated backgrounds are posted on Facebook daily. Typeforms careers page and InVision website give exceptional examples of the usage of GIFs.


The experience of the user can be made better and the web development company in Dubai adds life to the websites with the use of animated effects. Some of the noticeable examples of websites that use the effects of animations are available online for your help.

If you know any other examples that use animations please mention them in the comments.

Background with Hero images

Images can also be used to create extraordinary backgrounds instead of videos and animated backgrounds for Web Design Agency Dubai. Large photographs are used either as headers or for the whole background in the recent few years. Their use is becoming popular. Hero images can immediately introduce the user to the whole content at first view and provide better user exposure. Pictures speak more than a paragraph of thousand words in web designing.


The selection of appropriate hero image is a challenging task. The image selected should be large enough so that the user using large screens may not end up due to a blurry image. The selected image should be as simple as possible so that it can convey the message accurately without confusing the user with irrelevant elements.

Similar to videos, bright colored images should not be preferred if the text is to be used on the image. Another point that should be kept in mind while selecting an image is that it should be responsive even on the mobile phones so that user may not face any problem.

Some of the websites use hero images as their remarkable backgrounds and their use is really easy for the new users.


The development of background designing has also developed a lot since last few years like all other aspects of web designing. Nowadays any reputed Web Design Company in Dubai uses videos, animations, and images as background for creating a better and prevalent experience for the user.

The background has become the main interest in opening a website. The first glance is of the background within few seconds of opening a website. The user is introduced to the site with the help of captivating background. An emotional impact is created on the minds of the viewers with stunning backgrounds. Images and videos create a strong impact on the user instead of text.

The selection of appropriate format depends mainly on the user and should be done after proper planning and with caution. Due to the increasing importance of backgrounds and their important role in the presentation of the website the risk of mistakes in creating background also enhances. For the creation of beneficial backgrounds, the availability of high-quality images and videos should be ensured.

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