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How To Develop Appealing Mobile App Design?

From the research, it is proven that the averages users of smart phones have about 36 mobile applications are installed but the usage of such applications is limited to 9 only which is really a less number. The Mobile App Development UAE and all over the world develop the applications but only the 4% app is used by the user of mobile phone applications on daily basis.

The users and the designers of the Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai are curious to know about the factors that make the mobile applications using. These factors are the way for the user engagement.

The engagement of the users in the mobile application design accounts for the UX means user experience design principles. These are really useful and give a good advantage. The applications that are mostly used by the users in their daily lives are more usable and give the best user experience as compared to the various other applications. Such applications are more usable and have the high ranking in terms of the user experience. The Top App Developers Dubai is working hard and with the latest techniques and technology to satisfy the users and give them excellent user experience.

The applications that are highly used by the users reduced the risk rate of app uninstalls. The best user experience (UX) counts a lot in getting the positive remarks from the users mouth. Other than the design by the Mobile App Design Dubai, the application marketing practices also means in targeting the wanted audience.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the 5 major factors that play the vital role in creating the great mobile app design and appeal the users from all over the world. Have a look at them and try to follow.

Follow the user goals and usability criteria

Always imagine the user perspective as done by the professional and skilled Mobile App Development Company Dubai do. One of the examples is if you are going to develop and design an application for the cab company and you want to increase the profit and sales, the best way is to imagine like a user, what they are expecting? What are their preferences? What they do in heavy rainfall? What if they fail to catch the bus? What are the demands of the users? Etc.

If the designers are able to solve all the queries above, it means that the design development is good and wants a fewer effort from the user-end for calling. This is always the best practice to wear the user shoes and think about the entire situation and their solutions. The users are the main purpose of development of the applications, you can’t regret them. Provide the excellent UX flow to the users so that they are able to fulfill their requirements in minimal effort and minimal time. Make the site simple and easy because too many clicks and low load time will result into app uninstalled.

Provide clear CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons

The Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE uses the call to action buttons because they want to induce the actions against the desired application owners. They are simply known as CTA. Just like if the company that is developed and designed by the skilled team and deliver the products and services, a call to action button is required. For the online cap booking the CTA (call to action) button will be Book a Cab. It explains the purpose and the usability of the designed and developed applications. The one most famous button is Submit.

The CTA button the mobile application design should be prominent and very visible to the users of the applications. It is good, if the designers put the call to action button somewhere in the app where it is more visible, focused and reviewed. For designers, it is compulsory to find a way that builds the focus on CTA button. Use the visuals, animations and color schemes widely to grab the attention of the users.

Avoid using the thinner thumbs for design

The clarity and the good looks of the site are really important. If the mobile application has more than two calls to action buttons then defined the considerable distance between them. The shape of the buttons must not be small and linked with the signs like the dot.

For example, if the Freelance App Developers Dubai design a mobile application and use two dots together which perform the different purposes and the user which is using it have the thick thumb. This is difficult for them to approach and raise errors. So don’t make the app the app annoying for the users.

inlogic is Creative Mobile App Development Company in DubaiDesign an app that does not consume a battery

The mobile application design by the Android App Development Dubai team should be created and designed in such a way that it will not drain a lot of the battery while running on smart phones. The frequent changing of the colors of animation in the app will result in the faster drainage. Design a mobile app smartly that do not drain the battery of the devices and will not affect the usability of the users. The saving of the battery life is important. So use the simple colors, do the backgrounds task services and shorter navigation helps a lot.

Create by focusing on bandwidth

While developing and designing the mobile application one of the preventive measures is to avoid the high bandwidth consumption in a mobile user experience. The background task of the mobile application consumes the huge amount of the bandwidth so limit your download. Try to design such graphic assets that are used in the various different tasks in the mobile application to give the better understanding and better user experience. This also saves the life of the battery of smart phones. Use the same icons for the same functions.