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How To Increase Domain Authority?

Domain authority is the useful tool used to measure the power of the domain name of your website. It is helpful and is one of the main factors that is helpful for the SEO Agency Dubai to define that how well the site will rank on the search engines.

The domain authority metrics are combined with the other metrics such as MozTrust, MozRank, or Link Metrics etc. to provide the information that your website domain stands at what rank in the search engine results like Google.

What is MozRank Functionality?

The MozRank shows its role in the ranking by measuring the link profile of the website pages. It is the total count of links on the internet that are pointing to the web page of your website. It will be any page of the site and that is the reason that many Top SEO Companies in Dubai prefers and practices the back-links to increase the website traffic.


How to increase MozTrust?

As the MozRank, the MozTrust is also depended upon the external link from the trusted web. The machinery employees are appointed to view that how Google analytic work to rank any website. There are total 40 different signals that are used for the calculation of metrics. It is professionally used by the SEO Company UAE for the competitive measure. The influential website is directly proportional to the domain authority. The higher the authority the higher will be the influential website.

What should be the Length of Domain Registration?

The legitimate domains are purchased for the several years for the website whereas the illegitimate domains are only being bought for not more than a year. The legitimacy of the domain can be determined and predict by the expiry date of a domain in future.

Benefits of having Good Domain Authority

If you are an owner of the good domain authority this means it helps in bringing the quality traffic to your business website. This not only helps in increasing the traffic but also aid in getting the popularity among the targeted audience. The SEO Expert Dubai gets the full advantage in gaining the valuable and beneficial links from the reliable websites to boost the credibility and the trust factor of your online business site.

Tools to identify Domain Authority

There are many online tools available to measure the domain authority to provide the precious metric to your existing and excellent online business. The few of the example of tools are mention below:

  • MozBar
  • Open Site Explorer

Main Factors of Domain Authority Persuade

Following are the few factors of influencing the domain authority on the websites and are used by the top Search Engine Optimization Dubai companies.

  • It is the score that is obtained by the backward links from the authoritative sites that point your pages of the business website. The domain authority score is unchanged like the Meta tags. The DA score fully depends on the following three factors:
    • Website existence time period
    • Popularity of the site
    • Website size
  • The metric of the site is directly proportional to the number of the back links that are pointing to site from other authorize website on the internet.
  • The higher search engine ranked site’s co-relation will definitely influence the DA of the Website
  • To make DA effective and enhanced, the SEO Services UAE practice on-page factors like:
    • URL structure
    • ALT tags
    • Word limit
    • Header tags
    • Keywords
    • Site structure
    • Meta tags etc.

Score Card of Domain Authority (DA)

The scoreboard in the SEO in Dubai is really important. It helps in making the online presence authentic and strong. There are various different parameters that help in displaying your site score. Online you are able to find multiple tips, suggestion and information to improve the site and get a better score.

Here is the concluded report that helps you out in making the optimize site by following below important points.

  • Do Content Analysis
  • Strong General Impression on Clients
  • Professional website structure Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Social media Analysis by Digital Marketing Agency Dubai
  • Web Analysis
  • HTML Analysis
  • Vertical Analysis

What info does DA score provide you about your website?

Following table shows the different score of the domain authority with the status and its description.

Score Status Description
1-10 Poor Domain name of website is new in SEO UAE


11-20 Decent Website may be good but not primarily sound


21-30 Fair Starting showing good SEO fundamentals but still requires improvements


31-40 Competitive Increase traffic and is a sign to begin advance SEO practice


41-50 Good Site is improving but requires blogging consistency


51-60 Strong Website is above average with good traffic & optimized structure


61-70 Excellent Site is good in its focused niche area with numerous back links


71-80 Outstanding Site is on Top of all search engines


81-90 Superior Your website has the elite status authority


91-100 Rare Your site is with unwavering name


How to increase the domain authority of your Website?

In below there are different techniques that are used by the Best SEO Dubai analysts to increase the DA score of the site. These are done accurately by the providers of SEO Services Dubai.


Domain Name

Use the Short Domain Name that means approximately up to 15 characters long. It should be easy for the visitors to understand your niche.

User-Friendly website Design

Make the website that is User-Friendly and helps the clients to use free hand without getting confused. Using the quick access, search options and white spacing are the main factors that engage in recreation role in making the site user-friendly.

Apply Online Factors

Make use of the Online Factors like site maps, text links, limited links in the page and user-friendly structure also increase the DA score.

Use Internal Linking in Website Content

The Internal Linking of the site helps the search engine crawlers to index your site and as well as the users to view your business without confusing. The informative content also engages the attention of the users and help you in getting the more authentic back links.

Maintain link Profiling

Take a complete control and get familiar with the back links that are pointing to your site. All sites should be highly ranked and have the visibility on a search engine like Google. You can do this by using the Google webmaster tool and remove all improper website links applies to your site.

Loading Speed

To increase the traffic and ranking of the website with good DA score, it is important that the loading speed should be fast.

Quality and Unique Content

The duplication of the content will give the users and visitors the really bad impact and also decrease the score board of the site. Write fresh and quality content for the web that has the ability to attract the audience attention. Avoid adding too many ads to break the reader’s flow. Also promote the content by using the different social media channels.

Main Keyword Usage

There is one main keyword of the site. Use the different variation of the keyword to make the post readable and unique while reading. Also, make a practice of answering the customer’s queries on regular basis.

Create Profiles on Social Media

Nowadays the social media is having the spark in it. the online presence of the website will be promoted by the SEO team by using the various social media platforms by making website profiles. To do so, professional team help you out and will go to boost your website credibility.

Be Patient

As discuss earlier in the blog that the DA score is based on the age of the site, so have patience for the increase of the score. You are also able to check the domain age by using the Domain Age Checker Tool.