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Static Vs Dynamic Websites: Web Design Agency Dubai

Basically, there are two main types of the website available online; Static website and Dynamic website. There are countless static and dynamic websites that are live on the internet. Once you view the site, you are not able to tell that whether the site is a static or a dynamic website. In simple words, the static websites are those materials that cannot be changed and alter source code without the help of the professional designer while on the other hand, the dynamic web pages show the diverse objects from the exact source code used in the static.


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Static Website

The web pages of the static website are precise and are the point that can be visited by anybody. It is the content and information that are not straightforward to the viewer to study and see. It is designed by using the HTML. All the pages used on the website are different and are not using the databases and any other outer records that are drawn upon. The users just have to pay the Web Design Companies Dubai to make the overhauls for them.

If the site is giving the basic looks and is developed by the Web Design Agency Dubai for the smaller organizations and delivers the information without the usage of whistles and a bell it is for sure is a static website. The static websites that are developed are updated on a timely basis by one who has knowledge of website development. In the real world, static websites are cheapest to develop, design and host. It is preferred by the smaller comapni9es to get a web presence and compete with the competitors.

Advantages of Static Website

The advantages of hiring the Web Design Company in Dubai for designing are listed below:

  • Quick to develop
  • Low price required to Develop
  • Cheap Hosting
  • Flexibility

The flexibility of the static website is the main advantage. All the pages of the static website are different according to the desires of the customers. To match the layout of the different pages content is done by the designers of Dubai Web Design Company for free. They use the special effects on the pages on the customers demand in a unique way. There is possible that sometimes the author may demand the different themes on different pages of the book but the designers know that the cover design and the context should be on the same theme to influence and the continuity of the story.

The other advantage that helps the small companies to design and create the web presence from Web Design Companies in Dubai is the rates. The development and the hosting rates of the static websites are cheaper as compare to dynamic.

Disadvantages of Static Website

Here are some disadvantages of the static website that are faced by the owner of the site:

  • Need the knowledge of web development to update site content
  • The site may be not much use for the users
  • Stagnant content can be used

The main issue that is faced by the website owners is the updating of the site. It cannot be updated by everyone unless they are having conversant with HTML and the designing techniques applied in Website Design Services. For changes, you require the professional designer and have to go back to the designer and ask for changes. This is fine if you want the new pages on your site but if you want to change the precise text then it will be the nuisance for both of your; Designer and Client.

The second common issue is the scalability. Means if you are delivering the multiple services and the products to dear customers then you have to design various pages to design which requires effort, time and cost.

Dynamic Website

The dynamic web pages are those that are created by the same source code for the various companies. They are more expensive and are designed by the Website Development Companies Dubai for their valuable customers. It is designed and code using the server-side scripting languages including the following:

  • ASP
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • Coldfusion

Dynamic sites are developed by the Web Development Companies in Dubai and are more expensive in the initial phases of development. The advantages of the dynamic site are numerous. In the start the site allows the owner to add the new content and simply update the site. In these sites, the events and the news are easily posted and updated because they are given that simple and easy browser interface. The features that are used in such sites can only be stopped and limited by the imagination.

Some of the examples of the dynamic site are e-commerce system, discussion board, add information to the website, CMS (Content Management System) and much more.

Advantages of Dynamic Website

The advantages of taking the Services of Web Development Company in Dubai for the dynamic websites are:

  • More functional website
  • Easier to update
  • Updated and need content brings audience aback to site and also assists in the Search engine optimization
  • It works like the system and allows the users or staff to interact with each other

One of the advantages of the dynamic website designed by the Web Design Dubai companies is the connection with the database. With the help of the database, you are able to easily pull in the information in a structured and organized way. The extracting information assists in creating the product pages or the categories of the already existing products. This makes the website functional.

The ability of the connection to the database means that you can create the CMS, the interface that allows their clients to input the data and manage them through web-based series. The content may be images of the page or can be text. The products can easily update. The Freelance Web Designer Dubai is offering their reliable services to develop a dynamic site for their businesses.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Website

Here are some disadvantages of the dynamic website that are faced by the site’s owner:

  • Slower and expensive to develop
  • Hosting cost is little high

The dynamic website design is more fixed as compared to the static website. The dynamic website is designed by the professionals and required the cost to develop. At the initial level, the dynamic development cost looks like more expensive as compared to the static one. Not only the development cost of the dynamic website is high but the hosting of such websites is charged more from the customers.


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There are many IT Companies in Dubai like InLogic UAE are delivering their services from the last decade. In the past, people prefer the static website but with the passage of time, they come to know about the advantages of the dynamic websites. They are expensive but deliver the tool or create the interesting and professional experience for the users of the website. Select the website that you are looking for your business and improve its worth.