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Top 10 CSS Frameworks used in Web design Dubai

There are most of the features are probably do not come with the large user interface frameworks such as Bootstrap. When the Bootstrap is working on straightforward and small projects of Web Design Agency Dubai is such which have to deliver on time and as soon as possible. There are simpler and smaller CSS frameworks. You are allowed to use all these frameworks in designing the website.

The accurate and small frameworks are typically used to develop the non-dependency on JavaScript for the website functionality and improve the loading time for the valuable website visitors and convert them into customers. The Dubai Web Design Company is also practicing the same frameworks for the instant delivery small projects.

Here is the list of the best 10 small CSS frameworks for you to know and are used by the professional Web Designing Companies in Dubai. From the list, there are most of less than 5 KB file sized and have the ability to convert the website design responsive as done by the well-known IT Companies in UAE.


View the following list and the description and take decision.

1. Min

Min as the name shows that it is the smallest CSS framework that is available among others present in the list. This framework has a 12 column responsive grid system with table style, button style, and icon that are Android compatible. It is really excellent and also has the ability to support the ancient internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.5.

2. Milligram

A milligram is used for the modern UIs by the expert Web Development Company in Dubai. The framework grid system is using the FlexBox, lengths, and sizes uses the rem unit. The milligram is the useful framework that is being on cutting edge at the reasonable cost. It only supports the latest and newest versions of the internet browsers of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

3. Blaze CSS

As the min, the Blaze CSS is a lightweight framework. The Web Design Dubai team is also able to reduce the size of a file. The blaze CSS modular architecture allows the users to use the desired portion of the framework they are looking forward to using on the website they are developing and designing for the clients. To create a custom Blaze CSS build read the instructions and follow them completely to get preferred outcome.

4. Kube

The Web Design Company Dubai uses kube because it is the punch for the framework of CSS and has the file size less than the 6KB. The kube has the responsive grid system, for styling a robust set of the classes are existing for the web forms, notifications classes are also there and multiple table classes are showing the significant and important message to the valuable users and much more.

5. Pure

Pure is an open source project led by the developers of Yahoo. It is designed and suites the CSS modules that help the team f the web designing to build the site responsive really quickly. It contains the all basic styles of HTML elements that are developed on the normalize.css top and on the modules for layout grids, buttons, tables, web forms and navigation menus of the designed website.

6. Furtive

It is called CSS micro framework and is geared towards the modern and latest web designs. It is just like the milligram, it is also a mobile first and is having the responsive grid based on the FlexBox and also used the rem unit for the sizes and lengths. It is good for the forms, buttons and also for the color classes. The Web Development Dubai companies and professional teams are using the frameworks for making it reliable and effective.

7. Skeleton

The skeleton is updated years before but s still the top-notch starting point for building the responsive, modern web designs rapidly just like the Web Development companies in Dubai. The skeleton is coming in the market with the initiative grid systems and the base styles of the elements of HTML code.


It is the light weighted framework and modular of CSS. The FOX CSS is using the Mobile first designing approach that supports the all old browsers that exist in the market such as internet Explorer 9. In this, the designers also have the opportunity to have a non-aggressive CSS reset. It is inspired by the KNACSS.

9. Basscss

The Basics is a combination or made up of total 22 CSS modules. These modules are consisting of a grid system, CSS reset, Utility classes, and color classes. These classes help the Web Design UAE companies and the designers to develop a responsive design and much more. It is less than the 4 KB weight and is rich in features as compared to other frameworks in the list.

10. Simple

It is one of the minimalist CSS frameworks that is existed in the market for developing and building the responsive website and clean website designs. This framework resembles the Skeleton and also has the intuitive of 12 column grid system. It has the variety of base styles for the tables, typography, buttons, forms and much more.


The framework whose size is minified and the size values derive from testing of different products is useful. Keep the track of all the CSS frameworks to make the website updated and stunning among the competitors. If the project of yours gets the god number of stars means the project developed by you is more popular and famous among the targeted audience.