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Top 10 Tips for Appealing UI for Your Website Design

The UI design is important in developing the powerful and the attractive websites. For this, the web design and development companies in Dubai keep themselves up to date with the changing trends and the techniques that are using in the IT industry.

Here there are few most important trends that are important and we believe that it is highly be implemented by the web developers in Dubai, have a look.

1. Full Screen Videos

As we know the picture attracts the multiple users and say many things by still remaining, and if we talk about the videos they are adorable. Globally the videos are practicing in the UI designs and are grapping the user’s attentions quickly.

So when Inlogic UAE using the videos then making sure the visualization of the videos is to be strongest and will able to summarize the entire essential points that are important. The voice quality is clear with the high pixilated picture.

The videos are used in the more by the e-commerce websites design company in more efficient and succinct way.

2. Long Form Scrolling

The scrolling for the no means makes the user irritating and disturbing. However, the usage of the long form scrolling is deliverable if and only if there is any fundamental information is given. The usage of the long form scrolling with an addition to long form content on the screens are highly being practiced by the website development agency Dubai.

The user is becoming more comfortable while scrolling if they are finding the needed information. That is why in the e-commerce websites development services is mostly being providing in scrollable Interface design.

This is a good practice for the users to quickly reach to their desired information instead of waiting for the next page loading. It helps them to see all the products and the services in a single fluid.

3. Vivid Design

The trends of flat design are very much in the previous years and are highly practicing. Still, now it is practicing elements and still holds the value in 2017. It is the refined and the efficient user experienced. It is liked by the functional customers.

The Flat designing help in making the websites, more easily landscape. Many of the users are switching to the flat designing. It is simplifying and good in gaining the attention of the users. The vivid colors are being highly recommended. The users are demanding the flat designs with gradients implementations. In this, you can exceptionally experience the one of the best UI design.

4. Illustrations

It is the very much in use because the thing that should not be obtained by the traditional photography is effectively gain the sense of illustration. It is the smart tool that effectively going to capture the character and the personality in a professional way.

It is using the versatile medium of the pictures to achieve the sharp and the sophisticated look. It helps in more creativity and the better options of the animations used in the typography and the photography.

5. Breaking the Grid

The breaking of the grid is one of the latest things that are introduced in the UI design. It helps and assists the design to show the consistency, rhythm, balance and as well as order of the website. It is good for increasing the better understanding and allowing the user to get familiar with the design that is natural.

In spite of less creativity option in the grid still, it is very much in use for the digital experience to break the traditional style of the website design companies Dubai. It helps in making the site good by opening up the new creativity possibilities of using the layers, depth focal point, and the motion.

6. Parallax

It is one of the useful trends that are adopting because of the wonderful combination of the long scrolling and the breaking the Grid UI design. It mostly helps the sites and is frequently used there in which the background motion rate less than the foreground rate. It gives the user the sense of the depth and the dynamism.

7. Cards

The web design and development services in Dubai are following the trend by keeping in mind the usage of the mobile phones. They are following the designs that are Google’s material design to make it successful and appealing among the targeted audience.

As the result of research, the companies observe that the mobile phones are taking the place of the desktops and the clients prefer to search everything there. That is one of the main reason the cards are used in UI design to make it look good on the handsets of the customers.

8. Micro Interaction

It is basically referred to the small form and on screen animations that are playing in UI design. They are designed by keeping the mobile phones in mind. It is not only small but is also entertaining at the same moment. It helps and guides the users that what is going on the site and what is going to happen next by interacting with the UI.

It is the smarter way to make the users enjoy the application with some sort of information. It is the mixture of fun and the functionality. It helps in engaging to audience for the long term.

9. Typography

There are much beautiful and the interactive font families are introduced in the ongoing trends of the market. There are many big, bold and the creative typography that is placed on the system fonts to make them trendy and pleasing in look.

With the unique and innovative typography, on the UI there are many lines known as taglines and the statement pieces are written to make the design look more adorable.

10. Navigation

Inlogic UAE understands that the creative scope in increasing with the passage of time and that is one of the common points that the navigation and the menus are starting in the web design.

These help in giving the consistency of designing and applying the responsive sites. The using of the navigation helps the customers to find their desired product and services in a quicker and faster way instead of waiting and viewing the whole things.