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101 Top IT Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE

Websites are allowed your business to be open 24 hours a day and will permit it to growth. The Web Design Companies in Dubai are offering their services to the business to expand. This will go to help adequately marketing your production and services globally.

Nowadays, people are turning to find information online by using smartphones instead of using the traditional means. So that is why it is important that your business should be at their fingertips and are ranking high in search engines.

In the current era, the IT Services Dubai are the needs of every company and hire the services of IT Companies in UAE. The role of information system management helps in decision making. Following are the names of top 40 IT solutions providing companies in Dubai.

InLogic – Web Design Agency Dubai

InLogic IT Solutions is one of the top Web Design Dubai Companies. They operate and develop the estimated website design in accordance to the client’s specifications. InLogic helps your business objectives to groom completely. It will assist in the patron’s productivity and returns on their investments.

InLogic team stands at customer’s service and are available 24 hours a day in UAE. We boost your business among the targeted audience worldwide. They are known Website Development Agency Dubai. They help you to stand out in your business among your competent. Their Digital Marketing Services enrich their traffic and help their services to reach to their targeted audience effectively. That’s why they are the best choice for the small business owners as well as the large.

It has the expert team to craft the numerous mobile app for the clients according to their wish. Their Mobile App Development UAE is known and is performed in a painstaking procedure. The conversant, trained team develops the mobile application in a well-organized manners and this is why they are the trustworthy and reliable Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai. Hire their services to get an executive advantage of qualified mobile application in Dubai at an acceptable cost.

Are you looking for the E-Commerce Application Development Company Dubai? InLogic is truly the appropriate company to offer the customers the outstanding e-commerce application development services with the innovative and unique features and functions. Through their unique and seamless strategies, they built the extraordinary website match with the client’s expectations and requirements.

To boost the business and provide accurate online solutions to esteemed their clients. They have the top experts in the Information Technology to fulfill the business requirements of every business to robust and expand. Their company offers the unmatched promotional techniques to their customers to compete with their competitors.

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Go Gulf – Web Development Company Dubai

Clients, who are searching for the Website Design and Development Companies in Dubai, will make contact with Go Gulf. They have the great expertise in Custom web applications in addition to websites designs in Dubai. It was founded in 2005 as a web portal and has grown fantastically in the digital marketing.

Go Gulf is a full serviced company with the specifications and services. They are also offering the reliable E-commerce Website Development Dubai to their valuable customers to reach their potential. They strictly follow the market trends and promote the business of their clients effectively.

InterSmart – Web Designers Dubai

They are capable of web design and development and digital marketing. They are professional in offering them exceptional services and develop appealing websites for the customers of UAE. They are good in combining the ideas with technology and creativity to deliver their customer’s smart solutions. They are the best among web design and development companies in Dubai.

InterSmart is offering the high quality IT services at affordable prices. Their website design is navigable and is delivered to the customers with reliable digital marketing solutions.


CactiMedia offers the great services to their valuable users. Their work comes from Experienced Freelance Web Designer Dubai. They are highly professional and create the beautiful website for their customers. They have the talented team of the developers, designers, and marketers.

The products match the aspiration of the clients and they are pride to offer the inventive and highly resourceful products.


They are the best digital agency working in UAE and deliver the web design services at the cost effective way. Their solutions are logical and are capable in E-commerce Solutions Dubai. Their developers also effectively provide the Mobile App Development Services and social media marketing at the low cost.

They guarantee the customers to provide the excellent services to increase the traffic to your business. Their team is expert and effectively reflects the business of their clients through the design and development.


There are many Web Design Company in Dubai and Ashaker is one of them. They deliver the unique spectrum of the website design and digital services to their customers. They build the powerful responsive website in accordance to the client’s needs and business.

Ashaker is the leading company in Dubai with the best user experience. They deliver the dynamic, static and CMS development websites for all the leading and small business. They create responsive custom websites for their clients at a reasonable cost.


It is founded in 2001 and grown as the premier website design and development in addition to the Digital Marketing Agency Dubai. WebChannel offers the complete e-business solution in UAE and is capable of dealing with all sizes of precisely. They provide the excellent online services to their excellent clients. With professional web development services they also delivering the Search Engine Optimization Services Dubai to the businesses. They deliver the stunning web design with the scalability to increase the productivity of your business.


They are skilled and have the complete knowledge from the website design, website development and social media managements. DigitalNexa efficiently supports your business and create the wonderful experience in the digital market.

It is founded in 2005 and delivers the web design and development recognized and best in Dubai. The services of the company are innovative and creative. Their web design and web development skills are different and unique among all the Web Design Agencies in Dubai. It helps in transforming your business into reality with the reliable marketing services.

Shazeb ICT

It is the reliable source of delivering the best IT services in Dubai for 24 hours a day. The shazeb take a good care of the IT support of the business in UAE. It is listed in the top IT Companies in Dubai for providing affordable IT strategies and IT infrastructure. Their services are good and fully equipped to provide the routine checks and analysis, prevention maintenance that are based on IT best practices.

The company keep the IT services customer control and provide the valuable customer’s services that are really beneficial and attractive for their business. It is the great source of reliability dependable IT services and is good in troubleshooting issues.


It is the technical learning center and SMB IT Solutions Provider Dubai which was founded in 1993. The main aim of the company is to provide best IT strategic solutions to achieve the higher level goals of security, productivity, efficiency, and growth.

It is located in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and focused on knowledge and human development endeavors. Their world class IT services and end to end providers are working over decades to boost the productivity and the growth. It makes the business by an excellent developing and designing and implementing the IT concepts precisely according to the business requirements.

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Intelligent Business Technologies

The company is a good Mobile Application Development Services GCC and end to end ICT solution Provider Company located in Dubai. It is providing the best consultancy and total turnkey solution provider in the IT and the telecommunications industry.

They believe in making a long-term relationship with their customers. It is one of the fast-growing IT companies in Dubai and providing accurate services and has 120 qualified professionals. The company is providing high-value, high-quality products in a single package. It helps in making the financial solutions and develops an exceptional strategy to give the right high-tech solutions to business owners to achieve their goals.


It is founded and starting operation in 2001 in Dubai. They are delivering the IT services effectively across the UAE to support business tycoons. The services and the solutions offered by the company are covering the all the modern aspects of the hardware and IT based peripherals for the businesses. The related IT equipment can help the businesses to avail their ambitions and startup energetic effective business.

The IT services and support enterprises. It is the sign of effectiveness and trust carry due to the work quality by the company tycoons. They have the unlimited IT resources to support and networking to expand the company in their industry. The clients will not ever feel bad in choosing Whitehats.


LA Digital

LA Digital is a specialist in the web design and development. Their team is passionate and is knowledgeable in building the successful business sites and web applications in UAE. They invent the site that looks good and gives the outstanding accessibility and usability of websites.

They LA Digital have the extensive understanding of the web and e-commerce applications and develop the product in an optimized manner. They deliver the solutions that are able to work on all the platforms effectively. Their team develops the crafted code from scratch according to the requirements of the customers. They can make the websites seem easy and user-friendly.

Planet Green Solutions

The Planet Green Solutions develops the professional website and makes your business towards the success. It also assists you always to make a great increase in the business revenue and traffic. They are passionate and perfectly updated the website to increase the traffic by targeting the audience.

They bring the uniqueness and quality services at the good price. Their work is professional and offering the good services to the valuable users. They also deliver the free consultation to create and build the effective website for your business.


It is established in 2005 in Dubai, UAE. It is one of the famous and recognized website design and development agencies with the professional in e-commerce applications design and video production. They design dynamic website designs to manage the social media marketing and develop the excellent mobile apps to provide the robust hosting and domain solutions to their clients.

Grafdom have the good experience working in all aspects and situation. It expanded the IT solution globally and is renowned highly influential community sites. It leads the way in digital marketing by the good means of cost. They are good are provide the Social Network Management Services Dubai for all business whether they are small or are multi-national.


It is the recognizable web design and development company in Dubai with the excellent and extensive work experience. It has the exceptional track that ensures its meaningful works. Their team knows the fame and approach of the customers and promise to deliver the diverse range of solution at the good economic cost.

They are trained and qualified and believe in cultivating the creativity with the unique and fresh ideas in the market. Their company is known for the effective problem solvers. They help you to make your business successful by perceiving the target audience. They completely understand the complexity and resolved in proficient and accurate manner.


WonderWeb is the website development agency Dubai working with the effective and professional services. They are reliable and are effective in delivering the most effective and affordable web and mobile development. Their team is familiar with the effectual tactics of the digital marketing and helps the business to boost among the target audience.

They handle the effective digital marketing and help to begin your new business website efficiently. The services of their company help in grooming your business in a positive way. Their team is dedicated and makes their passion into professional. They build the successful business websites of the users and optimize them among the people.


They are the one of the biggest provider of the website design and development services in UAE. They believe and give the clients the first priority. They offer the targeted services and delivers a creative and unique website to potential customers to expand their business online. It also targeted the audience among the audience with the newest techniques and trends.

The online connectivity grows the business and it plays the vital role in building the renowned bridge among the customers and you. They believe in providing the state of art IT solution to you to increase the productivity.

Si3 Technologies

Si3 provide the wide range of the professional IT services and are capable of delivering them in a precise way. They help your business to compete with your competent to increase your profits and services availability. They carefully analyze the needs of your business and make the effective and excellent draft to provide the tailor made answers for the search engine optimization.

They perfectly manage all the aspects of your business and make you think different about the technology. Their team is certified and experienced in the web designing and developments services.

Emirates Group

It fulfills all the requirements and designs the effectual web application and site for your business. They provide the unique position through digital marketing and search engine optimization in the market of your business. They are skilled and are doing the website maintenance affordable and give the reliable solutions to support them. Their clouds hosting services are specifically designed for the clients to get the hosting and scale up and down according to their own choice.


Fajr Web Solutions are the known and famous Web Design Company Dubai working successfully in UAE. Their professional Web Designers Dubai are innovative and creative in possess the latest technologies to improve their business online. They are expert in SEO, e-commerce solution and marketing strategies to enhance your business visibility among the audience.

They build the websites in latest trends and technologies available in the market. They especially focus on the design and the structure of the site and make it speed out-stingingly brilliant. It offers result oriented services to their clients.

Five Ocean

They are Web Development Companies in Dubai and are capable of making that sites work online effectively. It also offers the hosting feature hat will assist the invented site to rank up and run successfully. They are professional and have the strong skill in the Search engine optimizations or SEO, e-commerce, and email marketing strategies. It helps their clients to maximize their online exposure.

Plesk Solutions

It is wonderful web design and development company running successfully in UAE. They beautifully crafted the websites to engage the clients and increase the profit of your business. They have the greater experience and built the excellence websites and web applications. Their team works interestingly by following new trends and technologies. They have the 20 years market place experience and are the best choice for the small business owners. They help to get recognized globally through their marketing plans.

Bluechip Computer Systems LLC

It is Systems Integration Services Dubai providing company and offers the complete end to end information technological solution packages to the owners of small and big organizations. They deliver the high-tech servers and excellent state of the art hardware. Bluechip provide the superior technology solutions and services to various sizes of companies.

They are not looked at the size and the scope of the clients, the matters to them are the wealth of experience, leverage industry knowledge and the latest techniques and the technologies that will be used to help their clients. The approach of their work will gain the satisfaction and the trust that is required to perfect superior result delivery.

Alpha Data

It is funded in 1981 in Abu Dhabi delivers the Information and communication technology services to their customers. The IT Resource Provider Dubai Company is the largest system in the UAE (United Arab Estates).

The company is high scale and has the 750+ employees that are working in the company to deliver the best solution and services that are required to expand the business nowadays with changing trends and the technologies. The continuous delivery and the agile development of the company boost the business and make it possible to interact with the clients effectively.

Verbat Technologies

It has the experience of more than 17 years and serves their valuable customers by delivering the best mobile and internet solutions through agile Android App Development Dubai methodologies. They are expert in open source, mobile and cloud technologies. The company focuses on digital world and adapts new technologies and techniques and practices them to make their customers relaxed.

It not only focused on the present technology but also think about the next generation digital and information technology services and the products for their enterprises. They are working with all sizes of the business and deliver their valuable services according to the demands of clients.

Their Offshore Support and Services Dubai provide their clients the right mix of the technology at the good cost and flexible and control operations.

IT Serve

It is the good IFS Field Services Solutions partner and offers the services and the solutions from small companies to larger organizations. It was founded in 2001 in Dubai to cater the market gap for the reliable IT services delivered by qualified educated person and support solutions.

It has the skilled and experiences IT engineers and the managers to deal and assist the companies to boost. The professional working of the company makes it known and committed. They fulfill all their promises and make the clients stress free from their outstanding IT services. The team faces all the challenges and understands the requirements and delivers them according to service organizations.

Euro Tech

European Tech is founded in the year 2008 and offers the flexible IT support, expert IT advice and Tier 2 ERP solutions the Middle East. They support both small and large businesses all over the UAE. They are ready to help their clients to increase the performance and the productivity of their business by using the right well-managed IT infrastructure to stand out among the competitors that are in the industry.

The staff of their company is professional and delivers the accurate, reliable, exceptionally fast services to the clients. The complete and expert IT solutions develop the extensive range of the hardware and as well as software products to serve the enterprises. They believe in implementing the most appropriate strategy to make the business grow and ensuring the future secure.


It is the effective IT services and the product source in the UAE. The wide range of the services and solutions with perfectionism grab the client’s attentions and make it one of the best IT services providing company. They are there and are always ready to assist the companies to meet their ambitions by using the right technology for their services.

The team of the company is hard working and passionate and faces all the critical business challenges with talent and resolves them excellently. They gather all the specific requirements of the enterprises and provide the complete IT infrastructure that is needed by the organizations to heighten.

Pinnacle Computer Systems LLC

The IFS ERP Solutions Partner Middle East is serving the market since 20 years and is the first choice of almost 2K clients. From IT integration and the network infrastructure, they offer the innovative services and the solutions to the clients in a different niche.

The unwavering commitment of their company with the clients about the reliability, quality and the customer’s trust and satisfactions is unconditional. They build a good reputation in the IT industry and trusted by the customers and as well as their partners for the businesses. The company provides the cutting edge information technology solutions that will best suit their business and help in expanding.


Prologix LLC

Prologix is the trusted certified IT Company in the Africa and the Middle East. It was founded in 1998 and delivering the flawless vision of the future. They are master and have the good grip in the wide range of the IT products and service, business solutions, maintenance services and management solutions to cater the ever changing, latest IT services required by the business.

It is offering the data storage, security, test and measurement and software and web solutions for telecom and wireless. They have the vast knowledge and deal many different niche businesses in their working time period. They main focus of the company is to provide the fast and the efficient IT services to get the high customer satisfaction.

Vertor Technologies

The company is focusing on the main IT electronics and expertise that are required by the business to get recognized. There are many companies and the shops that deliver the IT services but they want to compete with them and want to achieve the trust of the customers from their work.

The team of the company is skilled and has the expertise to fill the gap and provide the excellent quality expertise IT devices. They did business with all sizes and are capable of understanding the requirements and the needs.

VRS Tech

It is the leading IT consulting company that is offering their services after observing the core objective of the business. After going through their business main focus they deliver the best IT solutions. They integrate with the advanced technology and use latest techniques to boost the functionality and productivity of the customer’s business. It is serving the number of enterprises from years.

The end to end IT services and the technology solutions that are delivered by the BRS tech like the structured cabling, maintenance, IT consulting and web services are all done appropriately to meet the digital marketing need of the business as well. The team of the company is expert and put efforts to provide bespoke services and solutions to empower business.

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It is the great IT support firm working in the UAE. The IT solutions company in Dubai guarantees the proactive support and provides the excellent services to the valuable customers. They value their customers and assist them in making their business high ranked by providing the right IT services.

They are having the knowledgeable staff that has the skill of fixing the IT issues and manage IT support services professionally. They ensure the security and will make your investment effective by controlling annual budgets by at least 50%.


Get Web Services Online is the well-known IT service providing company that delivers the Professional web development services in Dubai and the IT services and products since 2010. It is trusted and respected in the large business community. The unmatched quality services of the company provide the best and quickest business services to meet the needs of the business.

The dedicated team of the company is skilled, knowledgeable and professional and provides great IT services to improve the business of their customers. They have the extraordinary achievements and deliver exactly what the customers demands and the need of the business. They offer the accurate latest Dubai Web Design Services and products to their customers.

Tawasol IT Solutions

It is started in 2010 to solve the issues and the problem the client face during the business establishment and the boosting. They deliver accurately and the latest IT services and products to help their customers to expand their business and compete with their market companions strongly. They know all the tactics and deal with them correctly.

The team of the company builds the high-quality website and delivers the unbeatable print design, website design, SEO and social media services with the IT services. They take every project as a new challenge and find the best solutions to their problems.


It was founded in 2002 and offers the brilliant IT and managed services to their valuable customers throughout the Middle East. They have the skilled, highly experienced and proficient team to work and maintain networks. They are having the technical and the operational experience and it is their core strength. Their main goal is to achieve the satisfaction and the trust of the customers by delivering the flawless world class IT services to support customers business.

They understand the IT problems and are ready to resolve quickly and effectively at the reasonable cost. They bring the peace of mind and as well as the security of managing the services and IT assets precisely.


Kunooz offers the accessible and Creative Website Design Services in Dubai to make your business online. They have the knowledgeable and skilled staff to deal with your demands. They ensure the project delivery according to your requirements and business needs.

Kunooz Express has the capability to revamp your business online site with the customized template. Their team knows their duties and is have the potential to make the perfect site for the clients. They help you in making the business productivity fast by saving money and time as well. Their boost strategies of marketing are exceptionally good and offer their clients the maintenance process too.


It is founded in 1996 by one of the leading companies, Urich Computer System Co LLC in Dubai. Their main focus is on the quality services and also ensures that customers will have the latest IT infrastructures to run their businesses with maximum benefits, reliability, and efficiency. The company is recognized in the market for delivering the excellent solutions for networking, Security, enterprise Computing system and Software.

They are the major IT service Provider in UAE. They work effectively to equip their clients with the vast opportunity and strengthen of the latest tools within the market. It also deals with the operational efficiency. The team of the company is highly qualified and is good in delivering timely services to all customers.

Wizdomosoft – Dubai Web Design Company

It is a Software Development and SEO Company in Dubai and offers the best software solutions and services according to the customer’s business requirements to improve its value in the industry. They are redefining and are capable of delivering an advanced, effective and innovative ERP Solutions Dubai (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the software products for all the sizes of business whether they are small, medium or large.

The company delivers the wide range of services in maintenance, IT consulting, IT staffing, Database maintenance across the UAE. It is established in 2004 and now is one of the emerging IT industry and offering the services by following global standards.