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Top 12 SEO Trends for 2017: SEO Agency Dubai

When it comes to promoting your business, reaching a wider audience and boosting your income, then you have to look at SEO Expert Dubai for online marketing. These days every single company should be online promoting their products or services. People don’t use the old traditional methods of a phone directory any more, then now simply go online on their computer or mobile device and find what they are looking for. This means that online marketing is essential to your business growth and success.

SEO is the key to success for your website. Since your website is the most important online identity of your business, it is important that your search engine rankings are high. To get a high ranking on search engines, one has to work on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of involving in certain activities that promote your search engine rankings, thereby promoting visibility and authority of your website and business.

There are 12 top trends for this year, which you should be focusing on to grow your business and achieve ongoing success.

1- Focus on the mobile user

The first is to focus on the mobile user. As mentioned above, people will search for products and services using their mobile device, whether it’s their smart phone or their tablet. You want to ensure that these clients have a relaxed and enjoyable experience visiting your site and are able to find what they are looking for with ease.

This means developing a mobile friendly website to improve customer experience, while also improving your ranking on search engine results. Google has introduced an algorithm that favors websites that have catered to the mobile market.

2- Focus on Meta titles and descriptions

This is an extremely important part of your website. Although it is often much neglected, this might be bringing your SEO down. This is what will show up on a search engine search and hence it has to be flawless. Every page should be properly updated with a good Meta title and a concise description. 2017 is all about perfection as websites as well as search engines are evolving and anyone who fails to keep up with this revolution will suffer when it comes to SEO. Hence, gear up and update your Meta titles and descriptions so that you don’t fall behind on your SEO.

3- Focus on link building

Building a strong network of links has always been extremely important for a website’s SEO in Dubai. Google has confirmed that links will continue to be one of the top deciding factors in 2017 as well. It is time to gear up and engage in intentional link building activities. Make sure your external links are directed towards only authentic websites, preferably with a high page and domain authority.

The quality of your links will be important as well, in determining your rating. Also do not forget to include internal links, that is, links to content on your website relevant to the particular content your visitor is viewing. This not only helps improving your SEO, but also helps in increasing your viewership as your viewers are redirected to your website.

4- Focus on images optimization

Gone are the days of small, blurry, low resolution images where the user has a hard time telling if the red blob is a tomato or a cricket ball. It is the era of crisp attractive images with higher resolution. Although it is to be noted that RAW imaged with very high resolution will slow down the loading process of your page, which might cause visitors to leave, lowering your SEO. Striking a balance is the key. It is also important to update the titles, descriptions and citations of the photos that your use on your website.

5-Focus on your local SEO

The next thing you should be focusing on this year and another of the top 12 SEO trends is to focus on your local SEO. The Best SEO Company in Dubai will tell you that local is essential right now. When mentioning local, what it means is that you want to promote yourself to your local customer base to ensure that they don’t go to one of your competitors.

It also helps you improve your ranking on Google, since they are focusing on helping their searchers find local products and services at places near them. In fact ninety four percent of people searching online for a product or service searches in their local area. Local means your company name, address, email address and telephone number. These should be displayed on all your web pages to ensure that you comply with the requirements, while also making it easier of your clients to find you and contact you.

6- Focus on user experience

Another of the top trends this year is user experience. Google is looking fondly on websites that have ensured their users have an enjoyable and relaxed experience visiting their website. The site should be very easy to navigate, so clients can find what they are looking for with ease.

It should also load pages quickly. It’s a fact that people searching online will not stay on a website where the pages take more than a few seconds to load. So focus on your user experience for your website to ensure all your clients have the best online experience, finding what they need and being able to make a purchase with ease.

7- Focus on social media presence

The power of social media is ever growing and 2017 will be no different. It is estimated that the total number of social media users across the world is about to touch a whopping 3 billion soon. Therefore, it is a goldmine of visibility. In 2017 and henceforth, regular and active presence on a number of social media platforms will be compulsory for brand promotion, better viewership and higher SEO for any company worth its salt. Owing to the growing popularity of social media, it is important to promote your business on social media, which will improve your viewership, clientele as well as SEO.

8- Google business page

An updated profile on Google Business is a basic requirement that every upcoming as well as established business should follow, to ensure better sales. This gives your business a sort of established authority as well which goes a long way in improving visibility. It is predicted that businesses which have not yet registered on Google Business will take a severe hit in visibility and SEO this year. As start ups and new establishments are coming up, Google business is where people will look for the best recommendations.

9- Focus on website responsiveness

If your website is not mobile friendly expect a sharp drop in SEO in 2017. With more than half of the world’s internet users using smart phones as their means of surfing the web, it is of utmost importance that your website has an excellent responsive design. A responsive website design means creating a website in such a manner that it runs seamlessly on devices of every size as well as on all platforms. To retain viewers, customers and SEO, responsiveness will be absolutely essential in 2017 and even after that.

10- Focus on fresh content

Content is your next trend for this year. You will want to focus heavily on the content that you are uploading online, whether it’s your web pages, your blog, press releases, articles or more. You need to focus on providing information packed and well-written content, which is going to also improve your ranking considerably. Bear in mind that throughout the content, certain keywords and phrases should be used to help clients find your page, but they must not be overstuffed.

inlogic-get-seo-expert-services11- Focus on better web design

Last but not the least, it is important to stay up to date with the latest design trends and optimize your design to help your SEO soar. It is expected that in 2017 SEO will be affected immensely by the web designs. Slow loading or older design elements will effectively bring down a website’s SEO while a good and efficient design with proper white space, structurally organized pages etc will fetch higher rankings. User friendliness is another important aspect that needs to be worked on. It is important to ensure that users with different levels of technological knowledge can access and navigate the website with ease.

12-Focus on voice search

The final trend for 2017 is to gear your SEO campaign towards voice search. More and more people are talking into their phones to search for products and services. Smart phones enable you to call a friend without having to click on the contact, you can search your location and get directions and you can buy products and services. The problem is that how you talk is very different to what you type, so your keywords and phrases should be aimed at voice search clients.

Final Thoughts

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