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Top 5 Crucial Website Design Elements We Often Forget to Include

Every website that is going to be developed by the software houses should not only look attractive and appealing to the customers but they should pay the attention towards the user friendly interface too. According to the website design and development companies Dubai, the easy usage helps the customers to understand the business in a better way and is going to target the required content with no trouble and quickly.

Make sure when you are designing and developing the website you will follow the Three Click Rule. The InLogic UAE follows the rule because they know that the visitors will not stay more than the three clicks and if they do not find the relevant data they will lose their patience and will exit your site.

The website designs Dubai differ from each other because the plan of the designers varies. But there are few important elements that are essential for every website to include. In this, we are going to tell the elements you should definitely priorities on your website designs. These tips will help your customers to stay and easily find the relevant data in the short period of time.


Here is the detail description of the crucial elements that should be used in the website design:

1. Navigation

The navigation in the website design plays the vital role. It helps in making the website easy and not to be complicated. The navigation in the website helps their visitors to identify and reach to their needy play easily.

So, for the website designers Dubai, it is important to make use of the Navigational menus. It overwhelms users and makes the significant navigation items on the top to aim the users to view.

It is not only providing the menu but also give the users the tools to help out their customers to navigate their site effortlessly. The website designs that contain the parallax scrolling are more users friendly. It assists the clients to view the site easier manner and interact with it in more understandable mode.

2. Clear

The website that is developed should be clear, and understandable. The clear and spacing site will go to assist in achieving the marketing goals in strongest way that is possible. The site that includes the necessary spacing will aid the customers to have the clear view of each and every service and will help them in easy learning.

As the human nature that they do not like the messy thing and want each and every thing in the arrange manner. That is why the spacing plays their essential role in this. The text or the image that are used in the white place is clearer and will appear large instead of in the tighter design.

This technique will present the user friendly atmosphere with the quick website flow. It helps the users to accomplish their relevant area which he/ she are in search in the search engines. This will more effective and optimized website and will provide you the quickly respond.

3. About Page

When you are designing the website, the one of the most imperative element that you should not leave to forget is About Us page. When you visit the poles apart online website, you come to know that the about page is present in all the high ranking websites.

It is the page that is made the second best after making the homepage of any website. These pages lend a hand the customers to know about the company in a better way and are able prospect the business value.

It is small biography with the quality image that develops the closer relationship with the visitors. Make sure after the home page, pay the maximum attention to the About page to aid the customers to know you better and decrease their indecision before purchasing your services and products online.

4. Contact Details

The contact information is commonly appearing on the website in two following ways:

  • Header
  • Contact Us page

In the header, users are able to view the contact details in the quicker way without spending much time on opening the page. The contact information includes:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Contact form
  • Email

The users who are satisfied from your products and the services get frustrated; if they are fail to find your contact information not easily on your page.

It is good practice to use the contact info on header and footer to help out the customers. This may include the phone numbers and email address where customers are allowed to contact directly through the website.

The visitors who are interested in buying the services and will not able to find the contact information after the dozen of useless clicks will badly harm the business. This will fail to make the relationship to the new clients and attract them to provide the online services.

5. Search

If you are on some digital marketing site and are searching for the particular brand and thing you want to do the quick search instead of scrolling and doing dozen of clicks. There are many interesting things that are favorites of yours and you want to visit that thing again and again. But if you need scrolling you get hesitating and left watching it, and want to find the reliable website for that.

So when you are making the website design make sure that you are able to refer the box that will be inconspicuous but for the Visitors, it is easy to use. Use the standard icons for the research that may compliment your entire design of the website.

Why these Elements are Necessary?

All the above described elements are simple but are the significant part of any successful website design and development Dubai. For this, you can also take the help of the InLogic IT web development Company Dubai. They are working hard and set up the professional, effective and modern websites to generate the outstanding result.

They not only developing the websites but also help to drive the more traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization to rank and boost your business high in search engines.