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Ultimate Guide to Examine Google Analytics in 2018

Every webmaster out in the market needs to know that how the business website is performing online. They have to understand the performance of the website and have to determine this critical factor to know whether their site is successful or not? Online there are many of the analytical services available on the website but the most preferred and best one is Google Analytics.

The best thing is that it is free and user-friendly and provides the users the sizeable amount of performance statistics of the website. It takes really few times of yours for installing the analytics tracking code on the website. This is the main reason that many of the Top SEO Companies in Dubai taking the step of adding the tracking code of the Google analytics withier before delivering the website and or during the delivery process.

Once you successfully installed the Google Analytics tracking code, it automatically starts its functionality and tracks the website visitors. On dashboard of it, you are able to view many useful statistics for your website like how the visitors engage and interact with your site, how many visitors visit the site per day in addition with how visitors come to know about your website, which device visited your website, for how long visitors stay on your site etc. the all provided statistics on dashboard are important factor for the improvement of website.


The SEO Expert Dubai is using the Google Analytics in massive amount for determining the future priorities for the website. The website that is having the large data to review can also able to a hindrance to the management of time. It demands a lot of time to figure out the functionality of the Google Analytics functionality. To ensure that you are looking for the helpful stats on your website here is the article for your help and guidance.

Compare the dates

The SEO Companies in Dubai compare the dates of the website to see the performance of the website for the specific range of time Vs similar range of time in past. On the dashboard, you are able to view the time range option on the top right side. In it Compare Dates functionality allows you to see the website progress over time. Users are also having the ability to view the data benchmarks. The most common and popular date comparisons in the Google Analytics are:

  • Compare this week progress of site with last week
  • Compare this month with last month
  • The last 30 days progress with the same 30 day period of previous year and
  • Before 30 days of the installation of the Google analytics with after the installation on the website.

Overview of the Audience

When you log in to the Google Analytics, you are able to view the traffic audience overview of the website automatically just like the SEO Company Dubai. It is the important information that gives you the best and high-level overview about the coming traffic to the site including the some below details.

Total sessions of website

Keep the eye on the number of the audiences over time. The increase session information about the website is shown in green while decree will be in red color.

Users count

The total number of the website user’s main goal is to see the increment in number over time. Similar to the session details the increase in the number of website users will be in green color and decrease is shown in red color.

Views of page

Depending on the strategy of the website visitors made by the experience SEO Agency Dubai want to see that whether it increases in result or decreases. The increase views of the page would be positive if they see visitors strategy is viewed multiple pages each visit and decrease of the views would only be positive if the company is continuously updating the homepage of the website so that the visitors are able to find new things every time they visit the site.

Average web pages per session

The website pages are session are accurately calculated by the visitor’s amount by the total number of visitors visit and viewed the website during the range of data. The more page views of the website are better and indicated the growth of the website whereas the decrease views indicate the demotion.

Bounce rate of website

It is good to view the decrease of the bounce rate in some cases unless the providers of SEO Services in Dubai made updates in homepage. It helps the visitors to view all the features instead of moving here and there on the website. The decrease bounce rate will be shown in green color while the increase will be shown in red.

New sessions percentage

All the professionals want to see the positive increase in the numbers. The new sessions of the website are better because it shows that more people are coming to your site.

Site speed

Site speed has become an important ranking factor in recent years, with Google pushing down sluggish websites in its search result pages. As a result, Site Speed is one of the most important metrics to track using Google Analytics.


Setting up goals and ecommerce tracking in Googlr Analytics helps marketers show business value for their work, making Google Analytic’s many Conversions tracking tools essential.


If you enable GA’s Advertising Reporting features, you can get demographics pertaining to your visitors age, gender, and interest category, based on their online travel and purchasing activities.


With Real-Time, you can see what’s happening on your site right now. Where are you getting the most referrals? The most social traffic? Which pages on your site are most active? The Real-Time feature shows you this, and more.


SEO Dubai Company with the help of the Google analytics is able to determine that what kind of device is accessing the website. To know that whether the visitors are using the laptops, desktop or a tablet or Smartphone to view your site online, it is the best tool. The website is the combination of three devices from which user can access and view the website. To see Device simply click on the Audience > Mobile > Overview:

Desktop or Laptop – the visitors that are using the desktop or laptop devices to view and access the website

Tablet – the visitors that are using an iPad, Tablet or an eReader to access.

Mobile – the visitors used their personal Smartphone to access the website

Most visited pages

When the Search Engine Optimization Dubai experts come to know that what the pages of the website are more viewed and access by the audience helps them in making the website successful. The most of the time the most viewed and accessed page of the website is homepage so it is important to put some extra effort and pay extra attention to the most popular page of the website. To see your website most popular pages in the dashboard of Google Analytics go to Behavior > Site Content > All pages.

The tracking of the tool is completely free and is the most considered traffic service monitor. Once SEO in Dubai installed, it is free to check all the statistics of the website. The recent statistics of the website also helps in the future digital marketing decisions to ensure the maximum website success.


This analysis of the complete website is not possible but it is important to make your site to compete with the competition of the market. If you are facing any kind of trouble with your Google analytics data, make a contact Inlogic UAE for the Best SEO in Dubai services.