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What is the Importance of Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization?

When you are looking for the tool and want more traffic on your site through various search engines like Google, Yahoo, many SEO Experts Dubai are suggested to get backlinks from a good SEO strategy. Here in this article, we are looking forward to explaining, how the backlinks help you out in getting the more visitors and top ranking.

In website what are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply is a website that points your reliable business website. It is basically websites interactions. The site that is pointing other site is the multitude of things such as the Digital Marketing Agency Dubai, website, a blog, local directory, and another company site and many more. Following are the few examples where the website uses the backlink from:

  • On the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram page, or Twitter account
  • On yelp can review your business
  • On Google, view the business listing
  • On the West, Houston Metropolitan, Northwest etc. champers business site.
  • Show your company address on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps or MapQuest
  • Show your company details on Yellow pages
  • In the Houston Chronicle, publish your business article
  • Greater south Texas and Houston better business bureau


Nofollow & Dofollow links

Backlinks can also be measured by being either nofollow and dofollow links.


Nofollow links exist when one website links to another one they have the option to register the link as a nofollow link which means search engines won’t take that link into account as a vote of confidence, and basically won’t recognize the link as a backlink for the linked website. Nofollow links are often used by websites if they’re linking to an unverified source for any reason, don’t want to be associated to the page they’re linking out to, or in the case of paid sponsorships, as per Google’s advertising guidelines, they require those links to be nofollow.


Dofollow links exist when one website links to another one and they want search engines to consider that link as a vote of confidence for the website they’re linking out to. Dofollow links are common when websites or blogs are linking out to other websites or blogs and see no detriment in being associated with that website in the eyes of the search engine.

How backlinks help in improving a website traffic?

There are a number of factors that are used by the search engines like Google with the help of which the websites are shown in the results when a user searches for the term. The one major factor that many of the SEO Agency Dubai looks is the number of the links used in the web pointing the specific websites.

In the search, the websites that are given more value are those who are linked from the other websites of the same topic. For example, if the visitors are searching for something on Google, they are able to find many searches and on that, they may find a blog with the link to another site. so you are able to view the most relevant information and data you are searching for.

Can backlinks be purchased?

If you are really looking to rank your site high on search engines you need to have the great number of links back to your reliable site. There are many companies in the market exist who are specialized in selling the Best SEO Services in Dubai to you.

Keep in mind that backlinks are the only one ranking factor that is used by the Google or considers other effectual search engines. It helps to connect to various relevant data of the site, look at the usability, page load time, mobile-friendly design, broken links and much more.

It is all clear that Google s really smart. The professional knows that the excessive amount of the backlinks to your business website can sign spam practice. Google has the strong algorithm and can easily penalize the site if it has the bad SEO practices. It will also lower the existing rank of the site in search engines and do de-listing for their search engine altogether.

What are the best practices of backlinks?

What is the best way to purchase the batch of backlinks for the website? The SEO Expert UAE need the long-term practice and approach to get the additional links on the websites. Here are the few useful practices that lend a hand in using the backlinks.

Writing a great unique content

Writing a relevant, interesting and great content that is targeted the customers and specific niche business can able to encourage the link to your business website. If you are able to write a content that is relevant to their search, they will definitely be going to share it with friends circle. When they are going to share the content online with the URL reference, it will create the backlinks to the website.

There is some content that is posted on the social media platforms by the Social Network Management Agency Dubai that may not have the much weigh to Google so it is good to be linked from other websites on social media account of the company.

Name, address and phone number listing of business

Finding the address of the company on the yellow pages is an old trend now. Now the companies only need to list the business on just one or maximum two directories of the internet to go wayside as well. The listing of name, address and the phone number of the business website is the great backlinks and helps the users to reach your place straightforwardly. From the search, it comes to know that there are three things that are looked by the search engines when they come to the NAP listing of the business site. Have a look at the following:


The NAP listing amount to list the business is the basically the site quantity.


The relevancy of the company listing is the quality. The web directories like the Yellow Pages, Google Places, Yelp, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, SuperPages, CitySearch are the business directories that are trusted nationwide. There are too local directories exist related to the cities you are basically targeting. Make sure that you lie your business under the same niche directory because if do not do that it will hurt the ranking of the business.


This refers to the name of the business; address and the phone number are consistent throughout the web browsers worldwide. If you are an owner of a legal company list the name of the company in the listing and the Social Network Management Dubai. If you are mixing multiple organizations in the listing it means the work done is inconsistent and not able to help in ranking the site.

How to remove backlinks from websites?

Using the backlinks manually is the best thing to do and there are many backlinks builders and tools exist in the market for the SEO Companies in Dubai. The professional knows there duties and claim to detect the bad backlinks of the site automatically. They remove such links which helps in ranking the site high and for this; they may overcharge for the work.

For this professionals need to search the backlinks first that are already on the site and point the ones that are inappropriate and are very outdated. Visit the site thoroughly to remove unwanted links.


The SEO experts of InLogic UAE know the importance of backlinks and using them at right place is the professional’s skills. We assist you to write for the targeted audience and share the content for the users by creating the website, ads and much more. Make contact with us to get assistance with digital marketing needs.