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What is the Role of AI in SEO?

In the present era, unfoundedly AI (artificial intelligence) is considering the hot topic to discuss in industries like science, health, and technology. It is used in various ways in these fields. The AI applications exist in digital marketing for many years and are not at all slowing down for any time.

With the ad targeting, it is used to gather the information of the client, in order to cross-sell, the segmenting consumers are used, to decide that content of the site is relevant, effective, and unique and searching the gaps in knowledge with suggesting alternatives are all done with the AI.

There are some users who are aware of it and some are not. Now the AI is deeply embedded with the new opportunities for the SEO Companies in Dubai and around the world to innovate and improve the marketing techniques by embracing AI technology.

role of AI in SEO

Following are the ways that help you in adjusting the Search Engine Optimization Dubai for Artificial Intelligence in order to make ranging effective and future proof the website of your business.

What is actually AI?

The machine learning and AI are not used often interchangeably. Although both the technologies are closely related to each other but mean different things. AI concept is basically carried out the human jobs from the machine or demonstrates it like human intelligence. While on the other hand machine learning is the AI type which is based on the algorithm and make decisions using the intelligent data.


RankBrain is the first official step that is taken in by the Google towards using the machine language AI system in the world of search. Now it forms a part of the overall algorithm by using Google so that It will help the team of SEO Expert Dubai to sort through the colossal amount of available pages and show the pages to users which are more relevant to the search query they are entering.

RankBrain technology is on the whole works by crawling content and tries to make it more understandable meaning behind it. With the assistance of it, the connection between the categories and themes are developed such as the human brain does. The technology is enough smart that whenever it faces the vague search queries it deduces the intent of the users.

Moreover, it is also using the fed back data for improving the accuracy of the search results for the business in future. This is the reason that most of the Top SEO Companies in Dubai prefers it in using them in their SEO strategies. RankBrain is enough strong that it has the capability to listen to the user’s query and learn effectively about the pattern of search.

All of this helps the users to have the great experience with the endeavor 0of the Google. This displays the users most relevant informations to the searcher. And for this SEO in Dubai prefers the AI techniques and technologies to make it possible for the business website.

Voice search in search engine

It is predicted that in 2020, there are 50% of the searcher are going to search their desire thing via voice. And it is really good if you are making the website according to the new techniques so that you are talented to compete effectively with the competitors that are using the modern changes. The Best SEO in Dubai also practicing the same thing that will be proved highly advantageous.

Basically, the voice searches from the research are proved that it is in between the three and five keywords long and even the question are asked by the users. They usually perform this activity by intent or purchase the product and services from companies.

Stand searches optimization is different from the voice searches optimization. The content for both should be used is natural and conversational and have the capability of answering the specific questions of the users that customers are facing the problems and are asking for the solving need. It is always beneficial for the companies to cover all the topics in great depth in order to eliminate all queries of the readers or patrons.

FAQs are also played the vital role in the success of the website in voice search. SEO Company Dubai is also using the FAQs to make the website visibility in search engine effective. It strengthens the chances of appearing on the top for the specific query of the readers.

Experts of SE team always recommend the long-tail keywords in the strategy of SEO if the voice queries are lengthier.

Personalization of website

As a digital marketer of the SEO Dubai Company there is one important thing they know that the customers prefer the personalization. There are many companies that suggest best and suitable products to the valuable clients of their company based on the search activity. Same like products services are also offered based on the search criteria. In this era, the personalization of the websites is considered the key part of the experience of the consumer.

Now it is the high time to change the internet marketing strategies requirements and just focus on creating the relevant content for the individual consumer valuable experience. This is the only thing that you are able to carry out without using the latest technology and the professional team.

Google is working and makes use of the personalization for the search results that are based on various factors including the location of the searcher, age, gender and their previous search history. This helps the companies to recognize that who are the actual customers of the company and whom you will target for the specific services.

Search via visual

Now not only the Google managed to take the step for intuitive understanding of the intent of users and develop a complex algorithm through language but it continues improving the content understanding of the websites. With this improvement SEO Agency Dubai write an effective and unique content to make worth with the visual like video, picture or audio clip relevant to them.

This means for the best AI SEO, the professional need to optimize the services or product descriptions, keywords, tags, audio length and video in order to enhance the visibility of them in the search. So it is time to say goodbye to the spamming of the keywords into the image description.

Stay focused

To be successful in the SEO Services in Dubai you need to provide the customers a great user experience. Use the relevant, high-quality content to engage the users. Now Google is embracing the Artificial Intelligence technology to make the search more effective and stay at the top. There are many companies that are offering their excellent services if you are not good enough like the InLogic IT Solutions. We are available in UAE and deliver the best SEO services around the world at the good economic rate.