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Why Should I Design Website Mobile Friendly

No doubt that it is an era of mobile and the business success is fully depending on the responsive simple mobile applications and the websites. So whenever you make a mind to develop the website for your company makes sure that it should be Mobile Friendly Website Design.

Then mobile friendly design allows the customers to have the excellent and the reliable design that will help in growing their businesses and can easily be readable across all the different platforms. While designing your website keep the mobile phones in your mind. The Website Design Agency Dubai delivers the web design that is equally visible and view-able on the small screen of the mobile phones and as well as is clear on the tablets too.


A Website Design Agency in UAE is working hard to deliver the dependable, reliable, satisfying experience to the users when they view the websites.

When Web Design and Development Companies in Dubai are designing and planning the small screen design, it is important that you are going to recognize the following three points precisely. These will surely give you the clear difference between the mobile and the desktop experience.

  • Spacing in both are different
  • Insufficient attention is given
  • The users who are using the mobile phones are very goal oriented.

The mobile designs that are built are simplified and specialize. The website that is design by making the mobile streamline is made with few important and the needed functionality. In this layout, the buttons, pictures, links, and texts are to be resized according to the mobile design. In this design, the navigations are kept bare.

Mobile design is one of the important things that the Website Design Companies in Dubai are practicing. If you are designing the website that has no mobile version is useless in now a days because the web is changing mobile.


From the research, it is come to know that there are total 1.2 billion mobile users who prefer to see the web services on their handy. And there are a lot of the users who do not touch their desktop for years and used the mobile phones. This is why the E-commerce Websites Design Company Dubai is getting too much in and famous in delivering the store shopping to their excellent and reliable customers.

And in one of the expected result it is come to know that in 2016, the selling ratio of the smart phones are much higher than the sale of Desktop PC’s. The Website Development Agency Dubai is delivering the best services to fulfill the dreams of the customers.

Here are reasons that help you why to choose the mobile first web design to make your website successful.

Core and the Functionality of the Website Comes Center of Attention

When you are going to deal the screen size of 320px by 480px or even less then you avoid the traditional desktop designs and focus the design according to the screen of the mobile phones layout. In mobile screens, the areas are less as compare to the desktop. So that is one of the reasons that you pay the attention to the core of the business and neglect the irrelevant data from your design layout.

So you only put the necessary things in the websites for the clients to view the services and the products by the E-commerce Websites Development Services companies in UAE. There is the wide difference in between the desktop based design and the smart phone design layout.


Screen Sizes of the Mobile Phones are Abound

It is not possible that your website is equally compatible with all the new devices that are introduced in the market by different known brands. The designs of the website that are done are random because the provider of Web Design and Development Services in Dubai are not familiar with the new trends and the new dimensions of the next mobile phones. So it is essential that the design layout of the website must be fluid instead of adaptive.

The fluid website layout of the website uses the CSS selectors like the min width instead of using the max width in the design. This will surely help in easy flows in between the screen size. It helps in easy flowing and the easy use in all kind of screens and flow in the beautiful smooth in each and every device.

Responsive Web Design-inlogic

Capability Differs in the Mobile Web

When the Web Developers in Dubai is designing a desktop based design they are doing their duty in a knowledgeable and informative way.

There are still some users who are browsing on old browsers and with the aging hardware devices, these systems do not support the new and the latest technologies that are introduced in the market for the ease of the people.

The mobile devices are continuously upgrading with the constant changes of the browsers and the applications. So when the companies are designing the website they do introduces the latest features and the technologies in the mobile websites.

Progressive Augmentation

The providing of the valuable content to the users there are multiple companies who provide and design the mobile first websites. The sites that are a spotlight on the enhancement are focusing on the quality of the content and the styling.

In the mobile design, the companies that are delivering the excellent and the reliable services to many of the companies are delivering the more and more styling concept as of different devices. The content that is used in the website is vital and is good in quality. The content of the website is comprised of the images, text and the forms.


The CSS is going to aid the designers of the company to enhance the beauty of the styling elements. These will increase the quality of the connection and make your website thrilling and interesting to the users to explore.

The boring and the standard layouts of the websites are not able to turn the user experience amazing and delightful. Adding of extra interesting features will add the interest and will help the users to stay for the longer term.