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26 Best Event Management Software Loved By Event Planners

Event Planners can now automate much of the repetitive tasks in organizing events and streamline the entire event lifecycle with event management software. These solutions can consolidate the activities of your office and on-site teams. They can also lower overheads with features like venue search and budget management.

Planning a business event is a mammoth task. You need to find a venue, create the agenda, get sponsors on board, sort out seating plans and meal arrangements and that’s all before you even start selling tickets.

There are dozens of event planning apps that do everything from engaging your attendees to digitally rendering floor plans. And, while they all offer wildly different features, they have one thing in common: They eliminate the DIY approach and streamline the event management process.


In this article, we’ll help you to understand the best event management software solutions, so you can decide which suits your business best by comparing the key features. These include registration, ticketing, marketing tools, on-site tools, reporting and analytics and advanced features.

How to Choose the Best Event Management Software

Start by prioritizing your needs. This may include saving time handling tedious event management tasks, creating conference schedules and managing speaker information with ease, increasing attendee participation, or finding affordable event registration.

Then, it’s time to see which event software can be your best sidekick. As you read through the following list of organizer favorites, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you need for your event? A ticketing system, a web or mobile brochure, a tool to help with attendee engagement, conference management, or lead retrieval for an expo?
  • What are the different strengths of the event management software? Are they all-in-one solutions or specialized for a particular task?
  • Is the event planning software mobile-friendly?
  • What are their reviews like in the app stores and user communities?
  • Do they offer a live demo and how easily can you adopt them?

1- Event Management System by INLOGIC

Best event management software for an all-in-one solution. Inlogic event management system is a state of art solution that is designed to save your time and cost, it has been developed with experienced best event management consultants to meet the requirements of a successful event.


Event management solution is a specialized event-focused solution that brings automation and task-tracking benefits to the event planning and execution process.

we compile the experience of more than 8,000 successful events. We’ve tested, tried and experimented till we reached the formula that works. We offer the all in one, easy to deploy, missing piece of the successful event puzzle.

Event management software Dubai is an engagement platform for events. We offer mobile apps for top conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events.

2- Ungerboeck Event Software

Event professional, makes a regular appearance on the list of most stressful jobs. Often this is due to the fact that those charged with handling the event management software, financials, event booking & scheduling, and event sales are only able to see a small piece of the complete puzzle.


Ungerboeck Software provides a unified view of everything; while cutting out the things that cost your event, venue, conference or trade show time and money like dual entries, communication errors, and disconnected systems.

Ungerboeck Software is the best choice for any organization in need of EMS software, a conference management system, an exhibition management system, or a unified venue & event management software system.

3- Gather

Gather is a cloud-hosted event management platform that works well for businesses of all sizes that are looking to organize any type of event. From the planning phase to the launching phase, this platform can help organizers with keeping the whole process smooth for everyone.


Even if you don’t have plenty of time to prepare, Gather cuts down on the time you spend managing your bookings, organizing your budget, choosing venues and planners, tracking your progress, and more. Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, you can synchronize your data and calendar updates with the rest of your crew via the cloud, so that everyone can stay on the same page.

Another thing Gather can help you with is making sure the process is easy and convenient for your leads as it offers a mobile app that allows them to send inquiries, book events anytime through the booking widget, or plan events. You can also instantly reply to your leads, establishing you as a trustworthy and responsive business to work with.

Once you have completed the job for your clients, a few taps on your device will allow you to send them your invoice. Through Gather, they will be able to send their payments without any worry because it ensures the safety and security of their financial details and is PCI DSS-compliant.

4- Ploxel

A comprehensive event planning solution with an emphasis on robust ticket sales processes, Ploxel helps users effectively manage and sell tickets for their events. It comes with all the essential functionalities for effortless selling of tickets and payment management, including support for multiple currencies, grouped ticketing, ticket tracking, discount code offers, and automated tax tracking, among others.


This cloud-based event management features seamless integrations with leading payment platforms Stripe and PayPal, thus providing customers with great accessibility for purchasing tickets while users can easily accept payments. With Ploxel, all acquired ticket sales revenue are automatically deposited to the user’s PayPal or Stripe account.

5- EventMobi

EventMobi is an open API, cloud-based platform for event organizers and attendees alike. It lets the former plan and manage events while communicating with their attendees all in one platform. For the latter, the app lets them check out the details of the venue and speaker, inquire, RSVP, view documents, participate in polls and games, leave their comments about the event, and engage in group discussions with fellow attendees.


EventMobi works well for any size or type of event, and companies of all sizes can use it. Other than English, the software also comes in Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Extensive customer support is one of the reasons users will be able to take advantage of EventMobi’s functionalities. While this platform is user-friendly, the vendor also offers support via blog, phone, email, live chat, training videos, webinars, and even press events to further interact with current and potential users.

You can select from different product packages to craft a platform that suits the needs of your event. It comes with networking, notifications, information sharing, and feedback collecting features, all of which can be done via the app. Also, instead of paying hefty printing fees, you simply need a few seconds to click or tap on your mobile device or computer, edit your event details, then save and share the updates with your attendees or organizers.


CONREGO is a SaaS based event registration & management software, customizable to satisfy the needs of any organizer.


It includes a responsive website with a built-in registration form, a ticket sales module, integration with online payment processors, ID badges and tickets generator, mailing module, a questionnaire form, check-in with mobile app and tons of other functions. One fee to register them all – for your events.

7- Cvent

Cvent is a comprehensive event software that is flexible to the needs of organizers by industry, role and even as third-party planners. It has a unique tool, among others, for searching the most cost-effective venue for your event. Plans are scalable to small and big events and covers the entire event lifecycle, from planning to event reporting.


It features flexible communication tools that let you filter participants into groups and make email communication more targeted and efficient. You can also customize the interface to project your branding. For freelance planners, this ability lends to them a professional look that justifies a higher consultation fee.

Likewise, automation helps your team to focus on creative and marketing instead of being overwhelmed by repetitive administrative tasks like registration and ticketing. As a result, attendance gets a boost and costs are minimized.

On-site tools include badge printing, kiosk for walk-in registration, mobile payments and a ticketing platform. The system has Android and iOS apps, which transforms your teams smartphones into access points.

Cvent also has advanced modules for specific requirements like hotel and travel management and membership management. Budget management, event reporting and email marketing are likewise provided.

8- Eventbrite

As one of the biggest names in event management and online ticketing, Eventbrite offers all the features you would expect: easy-to-build event pages, built-in payment processing, and real-time reporting. But it also has something else up its sleeve: a robust integration with Facebook that allows you to market your event on the social network and allow attendees to buy tickets via Facebook’s checkout.


There are a few caveats: Your event must have a physical location and you must have free and/or paid ticket types. And you can only post to a Facebook page, not to a Facebook group or personal user profile.

If your event meets these criteria, you first need to log in to Eventbrite, create an event, and publish it. Then, under the Invite & Promote tab, click Add to Facebook. Here, you connect Eventbrite to your Facebook profile, select the Facebook Page that is “hosting” the event, and publish your event directly to the page. If your event details or tickets change, you just make the changes in Eventbrite and click the Update on Facebook button to automatically reflect those changes.

Attendees who view your event on Facebook can click Get Tickets to purchase a ticket via PayPal or credit card and register for your event. There are no extra costs to your attendees: Your free or paid tickets are the same price on Facebook as they are on Eventbrite.

9- XING Events

XING Events is a Munich, Germany-based cloud event management platform designed for German-speaking markets, but it has an international edition for U.S. and U.K. events and practically anywhere in the world there is internet. It has a free app for free events like networking nights. The freemium includes online registration installer, even builder and real-time attendance data. The app scales to both small and corporate events and supports Android and iOS for on-site mobility.


The solution consists of three parts: ticketing, event promotion and event management. A major appeal of the vendor is its access to 12 million names in its network, potential participants to your event. It’s a separate offer that lets you sort people by profession, age, region and other metrics. The network also lets you tap influencers to extend your reach. Likewise, the system integrates with your CRM system and Facebook as part of your promotional streams.

Other key features include an event site builder and online ticketing booth. Even without coding skills, you can set up an online ticketing booth and connect it to your payment processor via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

XING Events also has real-time reporting that helps you monitor event traffic, sales and other key metrics. You can anticipate potential issues at once, such as, cancellations or missed quota and implement the appropriate measures like changed venue or event postponement.

10- Eventzilla

Eventzilla excels in pre- and on-site registration and ticketing and deserves a rank in our best event management solution list for its downright simple yet intuitive functionality. Participants can enter their details online and download e-tickets from your online portal. They then check in via Ticket QR code scanning during the event. Mobile check-ins are also possible. These features greatly reduce queuing and allow your team to focus on walk-ins, logistics, program and other aspects of the event.


Likewise, discount codes are available to entice more bookings. You also get to send email invitations and receive notifications for updates through the platform. Should the number of participants exceed your quota, you can use the waiting list tool to manage registration.

Eventzilla also integrates with top-tiered secure payment channels PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and And there’s a post-event survey tool to help you measure your success rate, which is useful to continuously improve recurring events.

11- Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor focuses on ticket management and is highly effective in selling tickets online directly to participants. This frees you from third-party ticketing agency that costs a dime a dozen in commissions. The app is agile and used in both small and high-profile projects like TED X and MTV events and charitable events, concerts and sporting events.


Instead of being charged on a per-ticket basis, you subscribe to a fixed plan. This setup bodes well to you in two ways: you have a clear picture of costs beforehand and your sales remains intact.

Setup is fast and easy with no technical skills required. You get an online ticket booth within the cloud system and embeddable as widget in your website or Facebook page. You can also customize the UI to your branding, link it to a payment processor including PayPal and major credit cards and generate e-tickets that can be scanned on site.

Other key features include analytics, discount codes, mobile access and multi-currency and multi-lingual support.

Other features to note include location map display, waiting list, discount codes and attendee list exporting.

12- Etouches

etouches is another complete cloud event management solution that handles pre- to post-event processes. It features the essential modules for registration, marketing, logistics and data analysis. Because of its rich features, the solution suits big events more than small projects.


The multilingual support enables you to manage online events in different countries or physical events with a global online component. Likewise, the solution features an eSurvey tool that lets you design survey forms. You can also generate clear reports using charts and graphs.

etouches has Android and iOS support powered by the vendor’s acquisition of TapCrowd, a mobile app developer. The mobile apps let you accomplish management tasks on the go or on-site.

You also get 24/7 vendor support to help resolve technical glitches or simply walk you through onboarding bumps. Other notable features include email marketing, venue management, travel and housing management and task management.

13- Konfeo

Built to simplify event registration software, Konfeo provides small and mid-sized businesses with a highly intuitive and easy to use platform for organizing company trainings, conferences, workshops, and events. It is suitable for events of all types and sizes.


Konfeo features tools for event registration, event evaluation, payment facilitation, attendee management, ticket management, event marketing, and much more.

The platform comes equipped with automation capabilities to handle all work processes, thus allowing users to focus on nurturing their relationship with clients and attendees. Users can access Konfeo on any device, enabling them to handle all event operations wherever they may be. All data is safely stored in Konfeo’s encrypted servers, thus giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

14- idloom-events

idloom-events provides all the features necessary for the seamless organization of an event: creation of a dedicated event website, guest registration management, payment processing, automatic invoicing, badge creation, monitoring, check-in, etc.


An “all in one” solution for businesses of all sizes, idloom-event was built with the largest client in mind to ensure that we have all the complex features you will ever need. No matter what type of Event you are planning, idloom-events will be able to handle it all. Our software lets you focus on the only goal that really matters; making your event a success!

15- Eventdex

Eventdex is an ideal online event management software of choice for event organizers that wish to stay on top of their whole event management lifecycle from within a single platform. It has all the tools event managers need for organizing and implementing successful events, including features for retrieving leads, facilitating smooth check-in processes, facilitating business match-makings and gathering insightful data and analytics.


With Eventdex, you can manage all your events from the palm of your hands. Developed as a mobile-first event management tool, Eventdex not only lets you connect with audience pre-event and post-event through an event mobile application, but it also enables you to cohesively execute all your operations on the go.

16- Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a one-stop solution for creating a streamlined, on-brand event experience for attendees. From building a website for your event to selling tickets, gathering attendee data, and creating reports, Bizzabo has tools for every aspect of your event.


The software’s drag-and-drop website editor lets you build a branded site or embeddable widgets that include the most important features of your event. You can add widgets for the agenda, speakers, and exhibitors, depending on which areas you want to place the most emphasis on. Your creation can then be turned into a dedicated event app that attendees can access to create personalized schedules and view the built-in networking communities.

The guest list options are pretty clever too: You can easily segment attendees using tags to create smart lists of speakers, attendees, and VIPs, and then use Bizzabo’s email marketing feature to send personalized emails to each segment.

Finally, Bizzabo offers unique tools, like the Hot Leads feature, which lets you run targeted remarketing campaigns to attendees that haven’t completed the sign-up process, and the Ticket Boost feature, which helps attendees spread the word on social media with a single click.

17- Boomset

Every event planner wants their attendees to have a smooth and fun experience. Boomset is a feature-rich online event management system that customizes and automates the check-in experience on site for attendees.


Attendees can register for an event via popular ticketing platforms, and their registration data is immediately pulled into Boomset. From the backend, you can access raw attendee data, control access points, and determine who is attending what sessions, among other intuitive features.

What sets Boomset apart is the Design area of the dashboard, where you can use the click-and-drop builder to create attendance certificates and name badges that attendees can print at event kiosks on the day of the event. Attendees can also monitor available seats in real-time at the event so they can strategically choose their sessions based on seating availability and attendance.

18- Socio

Many of the most popular event management system focus on organizing your event and getting attendees to show up. Socio takes it one step further and offers gamification features to help ensure attendees are present and engaged once the event actually starts.


After you create your event in Socio, you have the option to add “features,” which unlock additional planning, sharing, and engagement capabilities. You can choose from 14 features, like creating an agenda, adding speakers, or uploading documents. This is also where you’ll find Socio’s first gamification feature: the “Event Game.”

Socio also adds playfulness to the in-person networking experience. Attendees who download the Socio app link all their information, including email, phone number, and social media accounts, to their Socio profile. At the event, they simply shake their phone to find other nearby attendees. The app will automatically display a list of all potential connections and attendees just need to click the Add button to instantly exchange information via the app.

19- Event Farm

Events are in-person experiences, so understanding what your attendees are doing offline is just as important as tracking their movements online. Event Farm provides an innovative solution for planning and managing events, combining wearable tech and best event planning software to bring the online and offline worlds together.


The software integrates with near-field communication (NFC) technology, which allows two portable devices to connect when they’re within close range of each other. In the case of Event Farm, this technology is used in wristbands to allow attendees to check in or bring up personalized schedules on remote tablets. The idea is to engage attendees in-person with a range of tech-powered activities and to gather data through wearables that track attendees’ movements around your event.

Inside the dashboard, you have access to a whole host of different reporting features, including graphic check-in reports that visually show how many attendees have checked in, what their ticket level is, and what time they checked in. With one click, you can also generate transfer lists and reports on email campaigns set up from inside the platform.

20- Aventri

Aventri is the first true live connection management platform. Continually transforming the way event managers execute their events while transforming the market, Aventri allows clients to create valuable in-person experiences, grow influential communities and expand brands.


The comprehensive integrated solution starts with meeting request to venue sourcing, to every component of event management including registration, event marketing solutions, travel management, mobile apps to the all-important experience at the event with badges and onsite solutions. The platform connects event attendees and drives real-time attendee engagement while capturing meaningful data and analytics to help understand an event’s success and provide real-time ROI.

21- Whova

There are so many event planning software but most are specialized for one function. It is time-consuming and pricey to juggle multiple pieces of software. Whova all-in-one event management software enables you to seamlessly manage your event from beginning to end within one system.


It provides flexibility to opt in/out of certain functionalities according to your needs (e.g. logistic management tools, conference management software, attendee and exhibitor engagement solutions).

It can help with event registration, event promotion, attendee engagement through the conference app, event website creation and agenda management, attendee check-in via the event check-in app, name badge generation, and more.

22- DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch is one of the most well-known event management software, especially for high-end, large events such as enterprise events and trade shows.


With the development team, you can build your own lead retrieval app with complex custom features as well as back-end integration. Its data analytics and CRM integration really help expo organizers and exhibitors understand their ROI.

However, if you are under tight budget constraints and don’t have to develop special features for your events, it might be wise to compare the cost and benefits with other event apps.

23- Everwall

There are many platforms that help you collect and display tweets about your event on a big screen in real time. One of the first social media walls, Everwall gets posts on displays quickly and also provide extensive moderation, customization, and advertising options.


If you already use Hootsuite to manage social media, it would make more sense to use HootFeed. If you use the Whova event app, check out Whova’s Social Wall. This automatically pulls out activities from the event app, from tweets, session reminders, and photos taken by attendees to sponsors, live polls, and more. These activities are then displayed on a big screen — and all for free if you use Whova event organizing software.

24- Social Tables

Social Tables simplifies seating chart management, room layout design, guest check-in, and event attendance tracking. It’s near perfect for the detailed-oriented event planners – especially for small and mid-size social events like weddings.


You can also collaborate with caterers, venue providers, and fellow organizers through the system. If you’re looking for a check-in tool rather than a seating chart management tool for business conferences, first check whether your online event registration system or conference management software already includes a check-in feature.

25- Odoo Events

An all-in-one event booking software, capable of handling events of any type or scale. Odoo Events covers all aspects of an Event Planner’s job from event organization and ticket sales to visibility and promotion.


Organize calendars & manage speakers, coordinate your event content with ease. Sell tickets online and automate the registration and payment process. Easily manage existing and new sponsors with Odoo Events. Add sponsors to your events and publish sponsors in order based on the level of sponsorship they purchase on the bottom of every page of the event. Promote events efficiently on all channels.

Segment your audience and leverage social media and email marketing to promote your events to the right audience. Setup automated campaigns for all attendees or personalized content to specific registrant types or segments. Optimize conversions with ad-hoc landing pages for your different marketing campaigns. Fully integrate-able with various Analytics and SEO tools available in the market.

26- Wrike

Take one step closer to organizing the perfect event with Wrike. Wrike helps you create and adjust event schedules, plan asset and material requirements, balance team workloads and makes sure that no tasks are missed. For your next event, duplicate the project template and you’re ready to go.


One of the biggest advantages of Wrike is that there are so many different ways to look at projects and tasks. The ability to be nimble in terms of how we look at data really allows us to be more iterative. So, when we change a process it’s not a huge overhaul, it’s a small tweak.

Which Event Management Software Should I Use?

Each of these platforms will help ease the event planning process and provide you with the tools you need to host and manage a successful event. The key is to choose an event management app that ties into your specific needs.

For example, if you’re hosting a local event and you’re worried about a drop-off in ticket sales, pick software that’s heavy on marketing. But if you’re putting together an all-singing, all-dancing conference and need to create floor plans with your team, choose a software with digital diagramming capabilities. Whatever you choose, event planning software absolutely beats the DIY approach.