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5 Features Your Medical Event Management Software Dubai Should Have

The appropriate selection of the Event Management Software Dubai for anybody is not an easy thing to decide. If you are thinking that it is then you are utterly wrong. The event management software selection requires time, search and the right approach. The managers know that how to select a system that will able to work exactly the same as it is expected from it. If you want any medical management software, there are several features that are needed. The managers are skilled and have experience of picking up the best for medical event requirements in the limited time period.

There are total five main features that managers of the event should expect and hat should be in the medical management software. Let’s look at them in detail.

Online delegates scheduling system

The Event Management Software UAE should have the online registration process and scheduling process for the delegates. This simply helps the customers to book an appointment online and see what is happening without interacting with the managers or team. This is the effective method that not only saves the time of the manager but also the patients and medical staff.

This procedure of the management software reduces the issue of time overlapping means the schedule of two things will not be same. Different things happen are not allotted at the same time in the event. The online scheduling resolves many issues and also reduces the responsibility of the medical front desk executive. Now people are able to come to know all the details through the online site of the medical event.

Google Synchronization

The Event Management System Dubai for the medical event needs the advance feature of Google synchronization. When the medical event has the online registration process or the booking system it is compulsory for it to accompany with the advanced feature such as Google Sync. This feature of the system helps the managers to get the entire data of the staff, patients and the delegates who are interested to attend the event in addition with the appointment schedules on gadgets.

The managers with this feature are able to see all the details on single clicking on Smartphone. If you want to make any changes in the schedule like postpone, cancel or edit the schedule f the event for the day of the event or any specific part of the event you are allowed to do it.

Email facility

Online event management system existing in the market should definitely have the facility to remind the delegates via email or some other source. Email reminding is the best tool on the market that is inexpensive, quick and reliable. It is considered one of the best ways to remind the valuable attendees about the event and their remaining dues if any.

With the email feature, managers are able to send the customize emails to individuals or a certain group of people at a time. Managers of the event can do a lot of the other things that include the task management of the team which may be forgotten by the team. This feature is unique and helpful for overcoming all the crises effectively.

Medical answering tool

The Event Management Solution UAE should have the medical answering tool. When you are organizing the event for medical camp, there are a lot of the people who have questions and want to clear them and calling the center continuously. Human resource is not enough to answer all the queries and is incapable of same hospitality. With human resource, only one call at a time is attended.

The medical answering tool resolves this serious issue and answers the multiple calls at a time with no requirement of human being. This clears all the queries of the delegates and the patients and increases their satisfaction level which forces them to attend the vent without any query.

Non-Stop services

The online event management services should be non-stop. The 24/7 services help the delegates to get register at anytime from anywhere in the world. This also allows them to collect their required information of the event. The online system is much preferred and is great instead of purchasing the software and installs them on devices.

This needs the heavy system to manage and need a lot of money and time to do so. To run the software, the team is also required. The human resource that executes the software needs training and specific skills. This is hard, that is why the online solution of the event management is best.


Apart from all the above mention software features, the best customer services are also important. The InLogic Event Management System is the best software application available in the market at the competitive price. We are best and have the knowledgeable team that deals with all departments professionally without making any sort of issue. The team knows their duties and delivers the software according to the requirements of the customers and the expectations of the delegates. We develop the best after gathering data from search and interaction with the clients.