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RFID Tags Dubai and technology successfully enters into Pharmaceutical companies’ world and also in distributors and hospitals. The technology discourages the drug counterfeiting. From the survey, it is come to know that there is 5 to 8 percent of the pharmaceuticals present globally are counterfeit. There are some countries having the higher rate of counterfeit; almost in between the 25 to 40 percent.

Against the fight with the counterfeit drugs, the RFID UAE is used to provide its own additional benefits to the pharmacist. The industry of the pharmaceutical is running on only the data in it’s throughout the process. The process includes the drug trials, manufacturing, retail sale and distribution of the medicines in the market. RFID is the perfect technology that has the capability and has a tremendous ability to keep the track of all the medicines and monitor them through the server. It uniquely identifies the items and is effectively going to secure the capture date without disturbing the supply chain. RFID technology is the great blessing on the pharmaceutical industry.

Here are the few points where RFID Solutions UAE to help the pharmacist to monitor and track the technology.

Supply Chain

The RFID technology delivers by the RFID Tags Suppliers in Dubai has deep insight ability of efficiency and visibility during the procedure of supply chain. It is the great chance for the user to view the 100 percent of visibility of the inventory. This makes the procedure quicker and easier. The method that is used is simple to handle the transactions of the goods to the right location through the right medium. The technology is reliable and definitely plays the significant role in the productivity improvement, reducing the labor work, make uncomplicated shipping and receiving method and increase the assurance of the shipment of the users. The RFID technology is expanding the product availability and providing the accuracy to them. This reduces the charge backs and as well as customer complaints.

Pharmaceutical responsibility and the protection of Brand

The RFID Suppliers in UAE are working hard and with a complete passion to help the clients in the best attitude. The RFID technology helps the pharmacist to reduce all the decided responsibility at every point of the supply chain. It facilitates the users and makes them reduce the losses related to the inventory. In every year, there is almost 6 to 10 percent of the inventory that is stolen and diverted by the thefts. The new and latest technology helps it out for shipping all medicines in a precise approach. This also assists you in avoiding the gray market distributions. The company charges the good amount by the people to get the thing which is in demand.

Products of Pharmaceutical

The RFID Solutions Provider in Dubai provides the regulatory requirements, Recalls and the safety of the products. The technology is useful and takes the complete care about the dates of expiry and the improving expiration management system. The system of RFID technology has the capability of storing the preliminary information to satisfying the all regulatory requirements. The software saves a lot of time of identifying the products that are targeted for recall. It also reduces the likelihood of the recall of mass-market of the branded products by simply zeroing individual items and capturing the date of manufacturing.

Improvement of tracking during the whole clinical-phase testing

The RFID Reader Dubai helps in improving the speed and reliability of the drugs administered to the approval process of Drugs. The medicine will easily monitor and track with the system. It makes the tracking and accountability process uncomplicated for the users. That is the main reason that the RFID technology is standard for all the pharmaceutical companies.

RFID companies in Dubai implemented solution for different fields

The RFID solution delivered by the RFID Companies in Dubai is implemented by many more different fields from pharmaceutical departments. These fields are mention below:

The RFID Companies in UAE present the best RFID technology and made the data maintenance easier for the users. The data is easily going to maintain and manage and also reviewing the data anywhere and at any time. It affects the business of the clients in a positive means directly or indirectly. The best dynamic maintenance and any kind of the assets that are provided the best and better flexibility to your business is RFID technology.


There are many RFID companies in UAE exits in the market but the InLogic UAE provides the best and leading services to the valuable users at the great competitive price. We have the dedicated and passionate team to fulfill all the requirements of the clients. The RFID system is designed and developed according to the requirements and always on committed time.

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