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RFID Role In Your Business

There are many businessmen think that the RFID is the new and latest technology introduced in the market. But they are wrong because RFID is in fact introduced from the Second World War. The technology is used by the ground soldiers to recognize their friends and enemy that are flying over their heads.

This technology is an auspicious beginning and now it has become an embrace for many working industries. If you are not familiar with the benefits of RFID Tags Dubai then hopefully read this article for better understanding.

The RFID UAE is using the radio waves to identify the companies object. This procedure takes place in a variety of the ways but among all the famous identification methods in the store is a serial number. Another essential method that is used is the microchip on which antenna is attached.

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The most of the RFID offered by the known and professional RFID Suppliers in UAE can be easily broken into the following three components.

  • The RFID Tags Suppliers in Dubai delivers the microchip which is logically programmed with the information that is having the objects unique code which is attached to the chip too.
  • The antenna of the chip transmits the information effectively.
  • The RFID Reader Dubai is transponder designed for radio that decodes the stored information of the chip.

The antenna and the microchip designed by the RFID Solution Providers in Dubai are called the RFID tag or the RFID transponder together. They work together and store the information, process it and transmit it. The RFID reader technology afterward used the decoder or interpreter to decode and interpret the stored data on the tags.

Commonly there are mainly two types of RFID tags exist; active ones and passive ones. The active RFID tags are one who has the batteries and can transmit the code signals. The passive RFID tags are one that does not contain the batteries and requires an external source for the transmission of the signals.

There are countless advantages of hiring the services of the RFID Companies in UAE over the numerous traditional barcodes. Here are the few main and basic plus points of using the RFID technology over barcode readers.

Decoding is easy

The RFID technology does not need to be close to read the code and interpret the whole information. This is happening because this latest technology that is used in the market does not use the light as used by the barcode readers.

The RFID tags rely on the radio waves. This is the reason that no human is required to transmits the waves and gather the useful information and the second reason is that they are much powerful as compared to the barcode readers.


The expense of the RFID reader than the barcode reader is more. This is the main reason that only one RFID tag is attached to the one pallet. This increases the security in addition to lower the value products. But if the tags are attached to higher value products example car, than one RFID tags is for one item.

Store more data

One of the main advantages of the RFID tags is that they store the huge amount of data in a single tag. It stores the product price, description, and name. Not only this if the product name and price continues changing on every occasion, it also handles it carefully.

The data in the RFID tags are stored safely for the longest time even it is transport or even any bumps it receives. The RFID Companies in Dubai deliver the reliable tags. As the tag is larger it means it can store more information in it.

Improve efficiency of company

The main and the most important plus of using the RFID codes in the business are drastically improving the efficiency of the company. It is the best and eliminates the more labor use in the company. Not only has this it also reduced the consuming stock simply. In this procedure, the business owners do not require to enter the product details manually to make the count.

All the basic information of the items is automatically read and is logged in the business inventory. The RFID Solutions UAE companies deliver the management software system to manage the entire inventory and the purchasing section efficiently.

Tracking technology

The RFID is useless in the areas where the products of the business are reaching to their use by data. In this, you only need to set the generated tag to omit the signal and sell it by the date. The tags also offer the tracking technology that also reduces the instances of the shoplifting and the thefts greatly.


The RFID tags are better than the barcode reader. It is good to have this technology and improve your business. The InLogic UAE delivers the best RFID technology services at the good economic cost. The team is professional and guide you the right path. Make sure that you make a contact once before becoming a conclusion.