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SEO Guide: Build Your Websit’s Ranking and Authority Overnight

Bloggers of SEO Company in Dubai are continuously struggling hard for the rankings and the authority of the website. Now search engines become smarter and change their algorithms and approaches of ranking the site. To get traffic and rank higher, the SEO Expert Dubai is making the websites more authority. To make its authority is not an easy thing to do, for this; you have to compete with billions of bloggers for each and every keyword.

Making your blog/ article SEO friendly is not an impossible thing as many of the bloggers believed. If you understand the strategy just like the Top SEO Companies in Dubai you will do it. You need to search and understand about the working of the search engines to become a successful and recognized SEO blogger.


What is meant by Ranking in Search Engines?

For SEO Agency Dubai, the ranking of the blog is the most important and prioritize thing to do for a specific keyword. Remember, when you are writing the blog, you are using the multiple keywords in it and it is possible that many times the blog may rank higher for some of the keywords or vice versa.

One example of such scenario is this that if you are written the post about the increase in ranking and it will appear on the top of the search engine results and other blogs rank lower, this is because the keyword you use in your blog is higher than others. And for another keyword, it is possible that the blog rank lower in the search query.

What is the Authority of Blog?

The ranking of the blog is totally different from the authority of the blog. It refers to the credibility of the blog that is given by the search engines. It actually is the trust of the search engines that is shown towards your blog. The blog authorities come from the following two types of the authorities:

Domain Authority

The domain name is really important and is credibly in the eyes of the search engines. With the domain name, the blog is authorizing. The search engine algorithms and crawlers are working so accurately and know that how much the domain of the blog site is good for the specific niche readers.

The ranking for every keyword is different on the blog while the Domain Authority (DA) remains the same in the whole blog. For the ranking, the search engine searches for the keywords of the blog while for the domain authority it follows the blog niches.

The search engines fetch the websites for the blogs and recognized that website according to their niche. The search engines recognize the blogging sites from their defined keywords niche. Always prefer the domain with the relevant main keyword and if you are not using your own then do study about the advantages of using a good and own domain for SEO purpose.

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How to increase your Domain Authority

The domain of the blogging site and for the business, it is the identity. It is unique and search engines every domain is treated specially. They are having the complete information about their authentication and niche.

Here are the ways the ways to increase the authority of the domain:

1. Get the Backlinks from the Authority Domains

The Backlinks in the SEO Services Dubai are practiced to rank the website higher. This is the good practice for free to do. You just need to write the good post for the guest post and get them and work hard to published on other good blog sites or you can do this by the do follow links from the Social media.

Share the guest post or content on social media and get the links for the post from there. Similarly, do comments on the other posts and include the link in discussions and forums will also help in redirect the traffic and authority on the site of yours. The same techniques are applied by the SEO UAE.

2. Be a high Author

Read the following points to get the knowledge to become the high-rank author on the search engine to improve the domains.

Author’s Authority

The author’s authority is recognizing by the search engines. They know who is writing the blog in which web page. The writers/ authors are having the social media profiles and they are linking them with the biographies and authors profiles. So whenever you are writing on a blog at anywhere on the net, the search engines recognized you and also know where you have written the blog. They are having the vast DB of keeping the records of each and every article present on the net for readers. To increase the authority, authors will provide the authority domain.

The search engines know that who write the article, by view my author’s profile and the good authority domain. The continuous blogs and articles will increase the credibility of the authors and when I get a good authority my written blogs gets more credibility. The Search Engine Optimization Dubai knows all the authority tactics and will increase the site credibility for sure.

To increase the authorization as an author

To increase your value and the trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engines, you have to do the following things:

1. On other high-rank blog write a Guest Post

To increase the integrity as the authors, you should have to write a guest post for the famous blogs present in the net. Sometimes you may fail to publish the blog on these blogs because they set the strict criteria for the guest posts. You have to follow their standards and write a quality and authentic post if you really want to increase the worth as the writer.

2. Write Unique and Quality Content

To improve your ranking as the author, you have to write the quality article that is free of plagiarism. These types of the blogs are defined as the user-friendly and as well as the search engine friendly content. This means the post is written in the simple language and has the visuals and video illustrations and the good style and format. The clean, clear and simple contents are always liked by the readers and they love to read them. The Best SEO Dubai services also deliver the quality content to their customers.

3. Write comments on other Blogs

The main service of the SEO in Dubai is to engage the viewers for the longer period of time. But bloggers have to try hard and not get hesitate in commenting on the other blogs but make sure that the comment should be authentic and is described in a good way. The genuine comments tell the search engines about the bloggers.

While writing the comment do not spam and bypass the text quality. It should be minimum words and are contains the relevant keywords. In the comment express yourself accurately and be realistic. Mostly comment about the blog you have read. This same practice is also be done by the SEO Services UAE to increase the worth of the keywords.

4. Provide specific Bios on profiles of Social Media

Suppose you have the social media account and the blog you are writing on is about the technical terms, then make sure that the profile of yours should contain something in the profile that is relevant to the technical. Keep in mind that the profiling on the social media is also optimized for the search engines. So write authentic and good bios because after all, you will go to recognize by it.


The two main factors that increase the ranking and the authority are the domain and the author. If you focus on these two main factors you will be successful in building the blog rankings and authority. Follow these points, it is really helpful.