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Things To Look For In A Meeting Management Software Dubai?

When you are going to buy Meeting Management Software Dubai then you have to look for the few things. No doubt that in the market there is numerous solution exist but among them, few are more comprehensive and technically precise. The managers of the meeting must ensure that they make the future-proof investment.

The software which you are going to select must have the ability to adapt and grow as the technology develops and as grow of the organization. The features that are important in the meeting management solutions are discussed in detail. The quality software solution for meetings includes following:

Integration with the Office System

If the Meeting Management Solution UAE is integrated with the already existing business system, it is a more efficient package for the clients. The office system may include the finance system, CRM solutions, and reliable HR solutions. All system contains the useful information about the business and the meeting they held. The data in the systems are updated with every transaction and latest activity.

In the CRM system of the business, it is important to update the data with their latest activity, the finance department of the company need to process the payments while the HR solution of the system will need to update the records of the employees. The system gets automated via integration of the meeting management system and the business system. It eliminates the errors of the meeting and makes the process smoother and more efficient. The system used for organizing the meeting has the flexible technical architecture. It allows the system to get integrate with each other.

The integration of the meeting management software into the current system has many benefits. The managers are professional and have the full control of the branding and the content of the registration page of the attendees. There is also customizable forms exist where the companies are allowed to edit and create the forms with ease. All booking forms that are in the management software solutions are successfully integrated with the back-end office systems. It is good to have for updating the records automatically as soon as possible for a meeting.

The Meeting Management System Dubai makes it easy for the managers to organize the meeting. It has many tools to make it successful and meaningful.

The Email Marketing Tool

The Meeting Management System UAE highly relies on the email marketing for success. The emails in the meeting are used for the following reasons:

  • Promote meeting
  • Send Invitations
  • Notify delegates
  • Update the attendees on changes
  • Get valuable feedback from delegates

The email marketing tool that mostly comes with the meeting management software is technical enough to track all the major KPIs. The emails are sending to the attendees of the meeting to make it possible to attend it and view all the points in detail. You are permitted to attach the links to emails if necessary. This way the meetings managers are going to get the measurement help for improving their emails constantly. It also increases the delegates response to each communication.

There are many email solutions that are one step forward. It is good to integrate the meeting management software with the email tool. It is good and increases the response rate of the registration process to streamline. The targeted delegates from the tool are able to get an email invitation with the registration link. The attendees are going to click the link to a registration page for more details of the booking. The email is also a great source to be considered for the registration and also for the notification related to the meeting of the company to attendees.

Analysis and Reporting

If you really want to organize and plan the meeting successful it is necessary to have the InLogic Meeting Management System. It improves the meeting quality and the attendance via measurements and the analysis. It is a complex system and time-consuming effort if you do it manually. This is often gone wrong sometimes and the meeting may pushes aside till the next.

The meeting management system makes the reporting and analysis of the meeting easily. The automated comprehensive online analytical processing (OLAP) is capable of generating the standard reports and is the useful part of the software packages. These reports are generated according to the user’s requirements and also according to the company’s need.

The results come out of the organization place weights on. It is good if you come to know that what is important for the Meeting and what is not? What benefits the meeting success and help in creating appropriate reports after analysis?

As the business transforms and grows, it is also important for the meeting management system to grow with it. It is easy with the system to generate the reporting for the meeting managers. It makes the reporting functionality simple and hassle-free to understand. The reports of the meeting will be generated on the new template when required.

The meeting management software is going to measure the meeting metrics that are mention below:

  • Ratio of the expense to the Revenue (E: R)
  • Come to know the conversion rate of the emails send and registration of the delegates
  • Measure delegate registration vs. the attendees of the meeting
  • Measure the delegate lead quality and the quality
  • Ratio of meeting points and opportunities

The other features that are looked by the experience meeting managers in a Meeting Management Solution Dubai are mention below:

Online Registration

It is easy for the managers to customize the online registration to ensure that it has the more relevant information from the delegates.

Invitation Management

To invitation via software is comprehensive. It is easy to use and integrate with the current invitation tool.

Email Marketing Tool

It is powerful, fully functional and integrated email marketing tool. It allows the managers of the meeting to send the highly targeted delegate audience an invitation to the meeting.

Secure Online Payment process

It permits the delegates and the company to handle the transactions and pay securely online. It helps the clients to develop the confidence and providing the ease of the automation.


It helps in integrated and also automated the user’s feedback management tool with the system


It is good to integrate the current business system with the meeting management system. It helps you to manage the meeting in a better and smoother way. InLogic UAE is the best option for the management system. We are active and deliver the system according to the user’s requirements at the reasonable cost.