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What Are The Limitations Of Manual System As Compare To InLogic Events Management System?

There are many companies in the market that delivers the professional Events Management Solution UAE to valuable clients. From the survey it concluded that the management software is preferred tool for planning and managing the events of the companies by the expert event managers. During the event organization, the mostly tool was Event Management Software instead of using the spreadsheets for managing the records of the event.

The Events Management Solution Dubai are efficient and can create the records, manage the lists of attendees, track the financials and also good in monitoring the resources. We know that instead of the software the cost of the spreadsheets is low. The most of the system that is designed accepts the document format. The managers are not able to decide to use the spreadsheet as the main tool for managing the event. In a manual system like the spreadsheet, there are limitations as compared to the event management software.

Below are the main limitations that are faced by the managers when they prefer the manual (spreadsheet) on Events Management Software Dubai.

Poor efficiency

The Events Management System Dubai is an effective and an efficient method for managing the events but spreadsheets are not at all effective. In manual systems, the managers are going to use the many different spreadsheets with a good number of tabs and huge data. They are hard to maintain and manage. If the dozen of data is placed in one place it will increase the workload and make it tough for the managers and the planners of the event to deal with precisely. The risk of data loss and the duplication chances in this system is increased. And so that handling all the data will take a good time.

Deficiency of data security

When you are using the manual system means using the hard drive of your system for storing the entire information of the event that is organizing for the business by the company. When data is successfully stored on hard drive, there is a risk of data loss. If there is something happen to your laptops are the system, it is possible and the risk rate is higher. In spreadsheets, all the events and the records that are saved on the regular basis will be hard for the managers. It may duplicate the records of the event and increase the length of the data. If accidentally your computer gets hacked, or windows will get corrupted the data and work will be lost in few seconds. To avoid such incidents, it is good to have the Events Management Software UAE. It is accurate and quick in making the decisions. It stores data in clouds and maintains it in a smoother manner.

Updating of data issue

There are many issues that are faced by the event managers. The managers that are using the manual system means spreadsheets for managing the records and data of the event should think once more. This is because when they are going to update anything in the records or data in spreadsheets without telling the other members of the team; it will generate the issues and problems for others. It is significant for the person who makes changes in the file to inform the others who are also accessing the file. The managers have to inform others who are working on a copy of the master sheet. Make sure that you maintain the master spreadsheet timely so that it will not be outdated.

The managers of the event are using the same sheet at the same time is not at all possible with the manual system. You can only access the copy of the sheet once at a time for reading while in event management software; multiple users are allowed to read the data.

Difficult to create reports and measure success in manual system

In the InLogic Events Management System, it has the ability to analyze the event and the performance of the event. This helps in making the event extraordinary and successful. Analyzing in spreadsheets is the difficult task if we say hard to obtain is not wrong at all. In the sheets, users are able to create the graphs and charts easily but here the sorting of the data and records can be complicated. This process of sorting takes more time as compared to the event management software. The managers that are using the spreadsheets manually have to upgrade the system with latest trends.


The manual system is still using nowadays but the event management software provides the best features and output to the event. If you really looking forward to making the event successful then it is good to hire the professional team and company like the InLogic UAE. We have the dedicated, qualified team to develop the system according to the expectation and requirements at competitive rates. We are active and available for your services.

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